Looking for an easy way to try out new craft beer without putting in any effort? The BeerBods Beer of the Month Club is the easiest, most affordable way to do just that! “The unexpected beers from BeerBods send you on a journey of discovery. I wouldn’t have tried half of the beers I have if they hadn’t come from BeerBods.” --Iain, BeerBods Subscriber

Beer of the Month Club - Live Tasting Video With Beer Cans in Front of Laptop

How the Beer of the Month Club Works

Sign up for the beer subscription club at any time, and you’ll get 8 beers in the post every 8 weeks. Every week, you and all BeerBods subscribers will crack open the same beer and you’ll get an email with all the details about that week’s beer. While you’re free to enjoy that week’s beer at any point, you’re also invited to an exclusive online live tasting every Thursday.

Beer of the Month Gift

The monthly beer club is one of the most well-received gifts you can purchase for a beer-drinking friend or loved one. Rather than spending time shopping for the perfect beer gift, you can purchase a 2, 4, 6 or 12 month beer subscription gift package. The beer gift subscription plans are a one-off payment, so you’ll only be charged once. Once you’ve made a payment, we’ll send a gift certificate by email or post to the lucky recipient and they can redeem their gift whenever they like. These are really popular Father’s Day beer gifts, birthday gifts, and even “just because” gifts! In October, one happy gifter left this review:

“It was a gift idea for my boyfriend during lockdown. It’s now the gift that keeps on giving. The beer selection is always amazing and it’s exciting to try beers we’ve never had before.”--Melanie, BeerBods Subscriber

Live Tasting: 9PM by Wild Beer - 7 January, 2021

When you sign up for a BeerBods subscription, you’re also beginning a new journey of learning all about beer, hence helping you love it even more than you already do (if that’s even possible). As of the writing of this blog post, here’s a recording of the most recent live tasting video for last week’s beer: 9PM by Wild Beer. This craft beer was brewed exclusively for Beer Hawk, and is not available for purchase anywhere else. Yet another benefit of signing up for the club!

Not Ready to Subscribe Yet? Checkout The Weekly Pub Quiz

Every Tuesday at 8 pm we’ll be hosting our fully interactive, virtual pub quiz live from BeerBods HQ. Register to receive an invite to the quiz each and every week. There are plenty of prizes to be won, including exclusive BeerBods merch and subscriptions to our award-winning beer club.

If you love beer and want to discover more of it, the BeerBods Monthly Beer Club was made for you. We look forward to seeing you at the next live tasting! Cheers!