Alcohol free beer has become very popular in recent years, although it has not always been beer drinkers’ cup of tea. Over the years there’s been a lot of conversations about the taste of alcohol-free beers, and whether or not they stand up to their alcoholic counterparts.

Does non-alcoholic beer taste the same

“No alcohol” doesn’t mean not tasty

If alcohol free beer has this bad image of tasteless beer, it's because at one time, it wasn't completely wrong. It's only in the last few years that alcohol free beers have really exploded here in the UK. With that, a real focus on producing high quality alternatives to traditional beers has meant quality has come on leaps and bounds.

For a long time, only the biggest beer brands had a non-alcoholic version of their iconic beers. Unfortunately, they often had a relatively poor flavour profile. Indeed, among the different brewing techniques to make alcohol-free beer, a lot of them result in a loss of flavour, density and body to the beer. This suggests a lacklustre tasting experience that leaves us a little disappointed.

Fortunately, in recent years, craft breweries have also started to brew their own alcohol-free beers. With the evolution of brewing techniques and the entry of small brewers into the market, the previously very limited non-alcoholic beer market has been able to diversify. It now offers to beer lovers a wide variety of flavours and styles of beer to enjoy and to discover.

The improvement of brewing methods for alcohol-free beer has opened a few doors to the production of truly alcohol-free beers of 0% alcohol content. It has also led to a real progress in taste and quality. Today, alcohol-free beer tastes like traditional beer, so much so that it has become very difficult to distinguish between the two.

Taste the Corona Cero alcohol-free beer keg

Does non alcoholic beer taste the same

Are you looking to enjoy alcohol-free beer at home? Then come check out our PerfectDraft Corona Cero beer keg.

Although it contains 0.0° alcohol, you will get exactly the same aromas and flavours as the traditional Corona Extra. You will find delicate malt flavours and lemony notes. The slight bitterness of the hops mingles with the hint of acidity from the lime for a perfectly balanced, light and refreshing lager.

However, you must take care to set up your PerfectDraft beer machine correctly. Whether you have a PerfectDraft or PerfectDraft Pro beer tap, your beer keg must be cooled to 3°C and kept very cool at all times to retain its freshness and intended flavour. It will also be necessary to set the number of days of consumption limit to 21 days instead of the usual 30 days.

And to enhance your tasting, we advise you to taste this beer with a mixed salad and any BBQ’s you’ll be cooking up.