In recent years, alcohol-free beer has become a real trend in the beer market here in the UK. More and more big beer brands and small craft breweries are starting to brew it to the delight of non-alcoholic drinkers. However, there are many questions about this kind of beer.

Is there alcohol in alcohol free beer

Alcohol-free beer might seem to be a suitable solution for beer lovers who can't consume alcoholic beers, alongside those who want to reduce the amount of alcohol they are consuming . This is particularly true for people with health problems or simply for a pregnant woman. In all these cases, we must ask ourselves whether the term "alcohol-free beer" really means beer with zero alcohol.

Does alcohol-free beer really contain zero alcohol?

Alcohol-free beer is defined as ‘a low-alcohol beer with a maximum alcohol content set by the country's regulations’. Here in the United Kingdom, the maximum alcohol content of alcohol-free beer is 0.05%.

This is an insignificant amount, but you have to be careful because, although it is small, an alcohol-free beer can't be served to a person who has to avoid alcohol completely. As a matter of fact, as an alcohol-free beer is made, it is first brewed in the traditional way and then de-alcoholised. That’s why, although breweries want to brew a beer with 0.0 alcohol, it is possible that traces of it remain in its composition.

You should therefore be careful when selecting an "alcohol-free beer", because even if the beer label indicates 0.0% abv, it is possible that the beer still contains a small percentage of alcohol.