When you own a PerfectDraft machine, you can enjoy perfectly poured pints of beer from the comfort of your home at a price that will make your wallet happy. But did you know that there are a few things you could be doing to drop the price of a pint even lower? By following these energy usage best practices, you can lower your monthly energy bill and still have fresh, chilled beer on tap whenever you want…without ever leaving the couch!

PerfectDraft Beer Machine Power-Saving Tips & Tricks

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What is PerfectDraft?

PerfectDraft vs PerfectDraft Pro®

How to Lower Your Energy Bill When Using a PerfectDraft Beer Machine

Bonus: 10 Home Energy Saving Tips

While it's no secret that a PerfectDraft pint of beer is more economical than the cost of a pint at a pub, one factor to consider for any home appliance is energy consumption. Wasting electricity is bad for the environment and bad for your wallet. If you want to make the most out of your at-home beer machine, here's some best practices to help you lower overall PerfectDraft energy usage and save big on energy costs.

What is PerfectDraft & How Does It Work?

PerfectDraft keg machines provide the ultimate home beer drinking experience. Simply set the machine on the counter, set it up/plug it in, pop in a fresh keg, let it chill, and enjoy the perfect pour every time. The beer machine is compatible with our expansive range of 6-litre beer kegs(10 pints per keg).

Learn more about PerfectDraft here.

Initial Setup of a PerfectDraft Machine

Once your new beer machine is shipped to your door, there's a few easy things you'll need to do to set it up. Here's a setup video guide for proud new PerfectDraft owners.

Beer Machine Options

There are two types of PerfectDraft machines you can choose from:

  1. The PerfectDraft Machine

    The beer machine that hundreds of thousands of beer lovers have been raving about since it came to market. Easily fits on a countertop or in a man-cave, chills kegs to 3 degrees, and keeps beer fresh for 30 days. Learn more about PerfectDraft here.

  2. The All-New PerfectDraft Pro® Machine
    An upgraded version of the PerfectDraft machine. Compatible with all the same beer kegs, but optimised for an even better at-home beer drinking experience. The new machine boasts variable temperature control from 0-12 degrees, app connectivity and faster keg cooling (just to name a few). Learn more about PerfectDraft Pro®.
Home Beer Machine Comparison: PerfectDraft vs. PerfectDraft Pro®
Feature PerfectDraft PerfectDraft Pro®
Keg Size 6L 6L
Beer Freshness Window 30 Days 30 Days
Dimensions H: 37.6cm, W: 26cm, D: 34.6cm H: 44.5cm, W: 29.4cm, D: 40.1cm
Serving Temperature 3°C Variable Temp (0°C - 12°C)
Keg Cooling Time 12 Hours 10 Hours
Includes Volume Indicator Yes Yes
Connected App Experience? No Yes
Smart Pour Technology? No Yes

Here's what one happy customer had to say about their new PerfectDraft machine:

"Fantastic machine, easy to use and produces perfectly chilled pub quality draught beer. Greater selection of beers available with something for every taste." -Paul, 18/06/2022

How to Lower Your Energy Bill While Operating a PerfectDraft Machine

  1. Clean the cooling fins – twice a year if you can. Dust and dirt can build up on the fins in the back of the machine, forcing your PerfectDraft machine to work harder and run more often. A long-handled brush or vacuum attachment can be used to clean it.
  2. Give your PerfectDraft machine space. If possible, you should leave 10cm of space around the top, sides and back to give the heat it expels room to escape. It will avoid breakdowns and increased energy consumption caused by overheating.
  3. Place your PerfectDraft machine in a cool area. If your keg machine is standing in a hot environment, it will consume more electricity to keep your beer cold.
  4. Periodically check the gasket for wear and tear. The gasket keeps the warm air out and the cold air in. Clean it occasionally with a universal cleaner and replace the gasket if it’s damaged. Don’t ignore your gasket/door seal.
  5. Don’t open the door too often. You let cold air escape every time you open it. Try to limit the opening to save energy.
  6. Place your PerfectDraft machine away from any heat sources. Ovens, radiators, direct sunlight, can all force the machine to use more energy.

Bonus: Easy Ways for UK Residents to Save Over £500 on Their Annual Energy Costs

While we're at it, here's a few extra energy saving tips compiled by Energy Saving Trust. Check out their complete guide, Quick Tips to Save Energy, for more details on each energy saving idea and average savings for each method.

  • Switch your appliances off standby mode
  • Reduce home heat loss by draught-proofing windows & doors
  • Turn off the lights
  • Run your washing machine less frequently and use cooler water temperatures
  • Hang-dry your clothes versus using a tumble dryer
  • Take shorter showers
  • Reduce water use in the kitchen by not overfilling your kettle and by adding an aerator to your kitchen sink faucet
  • Run dishwasher less frequently - try to cut out one washing per week
  • Insulate your water tanks, pipes and radiators
  • A cheeky extra from your friends at PerfectDraft: Save on petrol by enjoying perfectly-chilled tap beer at home instead of at the pub.

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