Mother's Day is on the horizon, Sunday 14th March to be precise! It's the perfect time to say "cheers" for everything she's done for you throughout the years. This year's Mother's day is going to be a little different, with most of us unable to go round and visit some of those mums, step-mums, grandparents or best motherly influences in our lives. We know shopping for a gift can be a tricky task, so we've pulled together a couple of cracking presents to make life a little easier!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Wooden Table Filled with Beer and Wine and Flowers in the Background

There's no better way to say thanks to Mum than with a gift box filled with a few tipples to enjoy! Now, we know not all these brilliant women are the same - some like their wines, and some like their beers (and some like both in equal measure) so we've pulled together a couple of great Mother's Day Gift Boxes which are a sure fire way to keep her smiling on Sunday 14th.

For the wine lover:

Wine by Beer Hawk

We recently launched our Wine by Beer Hawk Gift Box and it's gone down an absolute treat. We've spent loads of time researching (and most importantly tasting) canned wines, because we wanted to make sure when we finally dipped our beaks into the world of boozy grapes, we did it right!

This box includes 7 cans of wine! There's a mix of whites, roses and a red for good measure. This makes it the perfect gift box for mum to try her way through some different tastes and flavours, but most importantly enjoy some lovely wines!

For the beer lover:

Beer Hawk Beery Gift Box

Our tried and tested Beery Gift Box has been going nuts recently. It's filled with five craft beers from five different breweries, a beer glass to enjoy them in, and a lovely packet of Rosemary & Thyme Souffles Pitta Chips.

The perfect way for mum to sit back, relax with a drink and be truly pampered. The best bit, you can get it delivered directly to her house, so she has something to open first thing on Sunday 14th!

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