We know too well how easy it is to find your favourite tipple, fall in love and only have eyes for one or two different kegs. There’s something great about discovering new flavours and styles, so for part 1 of this series we've picked 3 of our MultiTRY lineup to showcase.

Must Try Kegs Part 1. A picture of three PerfectDraft Kegs on a kitchen counter top.

A new year brings the opportunity to try new beers and expand your horizons. We thought this would be the perfect time to introduce our MultiTRY offer.

We’ve pulled together a whopping EIGHTEEN kegs to mix & match to create your own perfect little collection.

Our normal Multibuy rules apply, but with a great new twist - if you buy any keg in the multibuy that you've never purchased before, we'll give you a tasty 20% off discount code to use in Feb or March!*

We’ve picked out 3 kegs which we think people should try for this week, here's a quickfire flow chart to see which one fits your beery needs.

If you fancy checking out what's available to try, there’s loads of options over in our Multibuy keg offer. It’s perfect to mix & match tried and tested favourites with a keg you haven’t yet had the chance to have a taste of.

Here’s a quick bit of information on our 3 highlighted kegs to help you find a new favourite.

Orchard Pig Reveller

A must try if you like: Budweiser, Clwb Tropica, Life & Death, Hoegaarden Rose


If your usual go-to kegs are refreshing and crisp then you’ve found your new keg to try. Orchard Pig Reveller is a lightly carbonated cider, packed full of flavour from the West Country bittersweet apples and doesn’t sit heavy on your stomach. It has a generous apple aroma and even has a hint of lime tanginess on the finish for that real fresh kick.

You may be asking yourself why you would suddenly pick a cider keg over your usual beery choices, but it really is the perfect pint to try even out of the summer months. It’s the first cider on PerfectDraft and with it comes the opportunity to really discover new flavours. We’re huge fans of the amazing flavours you come across in lagers, Pale Ales, IPAs, Belgian Ales etc. but to really switch it up with a medium dry sweet cider helps to keep things fresh.

Chuck in the fact it is both 100% vegan friendly and gluten-free, it means that friends and family with dietary requirements popping over for a swift pint won’t be left to go thirsty!

A bit of history

Orchard Pig was born in a shed! The founder had a love of good quality cider and wanted to try their hand at making their own cider in their shed with West Country apples for a true authentic taste. Well it turned out great, and paired with a love of good food, the ethos of Orchard Pig (‘more apples, less bubbles’) was created. This means a pint of Reveller is perfect to enjoy with a hearty meal.

Bud light

A must try if you like: Budweiser, Stella Artois, Jupiler, Hertog Jan, Beck’s


Lots of folk are dedicated lager drinkers, I mean, it’s the world's most loved beer style for a reason! There are some absolutely incredible lagers available on PerfectDraft and it’s easy to find one you love and stick to it. Well we all know December is a month of decadence and over indulgence (and with the outrageous amount of chocolates and leftovers that sometimes bleeds over into January) so switching up to a lighter beer, which still delivers on flavour and refreshment is a great call.

What you can expect from Bud Light on PerfectDraft is a slight sweetness to the aroma, and a grainy maltiness. The flavour is crisp with a sweet finish. It’s a great sipping lager on a hot day, but also a really nice way to refresh your palate during a meal.

The great thing about Bud Light is, it’s light on your wallet, but it's also light on calories (152 calories per pint) which is perfect after a month of over indulgence.

A bit of history

What started in the USA as a lighter calorie, lower ABV alternative to Budweiser in 1982, Bud Light made its way over the Atlantic to become one of the go-to light beers on our shores as well. To go along with the lower calories and lower ABV %, Bud Light also has less bitterness than Budweiser, making it a more accessible, easy drinking lager.

Franziskaner Royal

A must try if you like: Franziskaner (obviously), Hoegaarden, Kwak, Leffe Amber


So if you’re not done with the festivities of December and still fancy treating yourself with a rich and delicious beer, Franziskaner Royal is the beer keg for you. If you’re partial to wheat beers, Belgian ales and beers with a more complex flavour profile and haven’t had the chance to try this seasonal release then now is the time.

You get the expected clove, yeast spiciness and sweet banana of wheat beer, but it’s layered on deep candied fruit flavour and aroma which really takes the Weissbier style and turns it up to 11. Franziskaner Royal is the ultimate nightcap and really works well as a dessert beer, paired with a sweet treat it really helps to enhance the experience and makes you feel, well, royal!

A bit of history

Franziskaner beer was first brewed in 1935, in Munich, and 29 years later the first wheat beer was produced. A decade later the Franziskaner brewery became wheat based entirely and from that came recognition both in Germany and internationally.

Franziskaner Royal was launched in 2011, taking the history and craftsmanship built over decades of Weissbier brewing and developing a rich, decadent and regal beer.

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