We’re back for the second edition of ‘Must Try Kegs’. Last week we spotlighted three fantastic kegs from our MultiTRY range and this week is no different. From a personal favourite lager of mine, to a couple of flavour sensations, take a read through why we think you have to try these three.

Must Try Kegs Part 2. A picture of three PerfectDraft Kegs on a kitchen counter top.

With January in full swing, it’s definitely a ‘New Year to try new beer’ in our opinion. That’s why we’ve launched our MultiTRY offer.

Packed with eighteen, yep you read that right, EIGHTEEN kegs to mix & match, you’re sure to find the perfect lineup to pour those perfect pints at home.

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Follow this flowchart to see which of our 3 spotlighted beers for this week you should be picking up and trying.

If you’re looking for a bit more information on the highlighted beers, don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

Thornbridge Green Mountain

A must try if you like: Clwb Tropica, Life & Death, Goose Island Midway, Cali, Punk IPA


If you are a self-certified hop-head and haven’t yet tried Green Mountain, wow, are you in for a treat! Often with IPAs and Pale Ales you get a lovely bitterness mixed in with more pronounced fruit or other flavour characteristics from the hops. Thornbridge haven’t disappointed in this department. 

Green Mountain is a Vermont Style Session IPA, at 4.3% ABV and is the perfect mixture of fruity tropical aroma and flavour finished off with a slight bitterness to perk up your taste buds. You will see a hazy golden beer, and the aroma of tropical fruit really hits you from the get go. If you’re a fan of hop forward beers then Green Mountain is perfect for you.

A bit of history

Thornbridge brewery started back in 2005 on the grounds of Thornbridge Hall. A beautiful 100 acre estate which was where two absolute classics were first brewed, Lord Marples and the IPA the brewery is most known for, Jaipur. Since 2009 Thornbridge have been brewing in their state of the art purpose built brewery in Bakewell, and the great beers just keep on coming.

Hertog Jan

A must try if you like: Stella Artois, Jupiler, Spaten, Lowenbrau


Lager is great, there’s no two ways about it. It's refreshing, it’s perfect for any occasion and there’s so many great options to choose from on PerfectDraft. That’s why you may not have had a chance to try Hertog Jan. It was actually my first keg I tried and it has happily sat in my top 5 ever since. If you are a fan of any of the lagers mentioned above, Hertog Jan is a great shout to add to your MultiTRY lineup.

It’s a Dutch Pilsner, which is really light and crisp. It pours a lovely golden hue, with a white head. You pick up a slight fruity aroma and taste, and it finishes of with a pleasant bitterness which rounds it of perfectly.

A bit of history

Hertog Jan played a large role in the revival of beer culture in the 1980s. Now the Dutch brewery based just outside the small town of Acren, about 170 kilometers south-east of Amsterdam, houses an incredible brewing set up directly opposite a fantastic pub to sample the beer. The great thing is, they have a 'beer transport' pipe, which takes the fresh beer directly from the brewery to the pub across the road, you don't get fresher than that! 

Leffe Winter

A must try if you like: Kwak, Leffe Blonde, Tripel Karmeliet


If you are fan of Belgian ales, or stronger flavoured beers then Leffe Winter should be right up your street. You get the flavour profile you expect from Belgian yeast, spiciness (similar to clove) which is layered on top of a caramel and coffee base which just adds up to make a really great winter tipple.

Leffe Winter is often classed as a "Christmas beer" but actually it's a great choice for any time of year. If you are looking for a possible nightcap, the rich flavours you get from this 6.6% ABV Belgian ale definitely fit the bill. So if you are looking to try something a bit 'out of the ordinary' and more adventurous then pop this into your MultiTRY lineup and dive into a wintery treat.

A bit of history

Where to begin with Leffe! Brewing started at Leffe in 1240, the brewing process made it a safer way to take on liquids due to water often being unsafe to drink in the European terittory at the time. After centuries of tradition the French Revolution led to a standstill for the Leffe Abbey, which also put a stop to the traditional brewing going on there. In the 1950s beer production started up again, and since then a wide list of styles have entered the Leffe family.


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