We'vejust expanded our range even further on PerfectDraft, with Corona Cero, the first alcohol-free beer in a 6L keg. You've enjoyed the traditional beer, now Corona is back with an alcohol-free variant of one of the world's most famous beers, without compromising on taste.

New Corona Cero alcohol free beer keg

A traditional recipe loved worldwide

With a recipe that is almost a century old, Corona Extra is one of the most famous beers in the world. Brewed by Pablo Diez for the Modelo group, the beer is made with corn, a small amount of hops and lemon peel. Corona Extra quickly became the best-selling beer in Mexico and went on to conquer the world, starting with the United States. Now present in nearly 180 countries, this iconic beer has become one of the benchmarks of the global brewing landscape.

Discover the new PerfectDraft Corona Cero keg

Corona Cero PerfectDraft Keg

Enjoy the first alcohol-free PerfectDraft draught beer at home, Corona Cero. PerfectDraft technology now offers you the opportunity to enjoy the great taste of beer without consuming alcohol. So, if you are looking to participate in Dry January, or even just reduce the amount of alcohol you are drinking, PerfectDraft has you covered.


Introducing the new Corona Cero beer

Like Corona Extra, Corona Cero is brewed with 100% natural ingredients. It pours a golden blonde colour and is a refreshing, crisp lager with delicate flavours. Accurate to the original recipe, the alcohol-free version has the same delicious aromas and taste you expect from this Mexican classic. Corona Cero has sweet lemon and malt notes. These are complemented by a slight bitterness, to create a crisp, light and refreshing beer.


How to perfectly enjoy a Corona Cero with the PerfectDraft beer tap ?

Once you have installed your keg in your PerfectDraft machine, set up your beer tap to enjoy your Corona Cero how the brewer intended. Start by setting the number of days freshness limit to 21 days instead of the usual 30 days. Then, if you have a PerfectDraft Pro, set the temperature to 3°C. For those who have a PerfectDraft machine, it always automatically cools the beer to 3°C, so your Corona Cero beer will always be at the right temperature.

It is important that the beer is kept very cool at all times and consumed quickly to retain its freshness and intended flavour. Naturally thirst-quenching and light, these steps will ensure your Corona Cero will be served the way the brewer intended. Keeping with the Corona drinking tradition, don't forget to add a lime wedge to your glass of Corona Cero (it's always better when done properly"

Its refreshing properties make Corona Cero an excellent summer beer that goes perfectly with a mixed salad and any BBQ’s you’ll be cooking up. Its lemony notes will add a touch of acidity to your dish.