It's the second in a new series featuring the favourite beers of Beer Hawk staff. Up now is Anthony who is loving the German classic, Flensburger Gold


So for the second in our monthly series focussing on what Beer Hawk staff are drinking, it’s my turn. My name is Anthony Marshall and I work with the operations team , organising the business to business side in the warehouse. I make sure everything is ready to get the beer out from our busy warehouse and I get to see a lot of beer!

My favourite beer at the moment: Flensburger Gold, 4.8%, Dortmunder Export-style lager.

Why I love it: I love the bottle this beer comes in. It reminds me of when my mum used to take me to work, seeing all the old style bottles lined up with their fancy designs and bottle tops. You can’t beat the dark glass design, when you open the beer it gives a satisfying 'pop' and you see the chilled vapours smoking out. I love it, the whole experience. Anyone can have a normal pint glass, but this beer and the way it's bottled is extra special and to top it off, it tastes amazing, a great session lager.

About the beer: The beer is so light, it’s not massively strong at 4.8%, but it doesn’t taste that strong so you can just sip and drink it. It’s refreshing, light drinking, sessionable. It’s a beer you can sit, drink it and and have another. It’s just lovely.

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