Beer Tokens

What's better than getting a free beer?
OK, maybe two free beers, but by collecting PerfectDraft Beer Tokens you can earn free beer and discounts off any beer in our store. Best of all, it’s completely free!


Beer Tokens Explained

If you created an account before you purchased, you'll have earned Beer Tokens with your PerfectDraft keg order. You can also create an account with the same email address you used for a guest order and claim the tokens by contacting our customer services team within 3 days after your purchase. Beer Tokens are our unique beery currency that reward you every time you buy a PerfectDraft keg! They last 6 months from when you earn them so don't forget to use them.

  • Earn 5% back for every £1 spent on PerfectDraft kegs

  • Enjoy exclusive deals & offers

  • Be the first to hear about new beers

How to Collect Beer Tokens

  • Make a purchase of a PerfectDraft keg

  • Return your perfectdraft kegs

Spending Beer Tokens is Easy

Simply log in to your account to view how many Beer Tokens you have earned, and to see what opportunities you have to boost your Beer Tokens, simple apply your balance to your next purchase whilst viewing your shopping cart.

Do My Beer Tokens Expire?

Simply put, yes. But they are valid for 6 months from the point you earn them.

I didn’t earn Beer Tokens for my last purchase

Beer Tokens may take a few days to be credited to your account. Beer Tokens are also only given for actions you make when you are logged in. If you purchase when logged out, unfortunately we are unable to track them. You only earn Beer Tokens on purchases of PerfectDraft kegs, so you won't earn any when you buy cans, bottles, cases, merchandise, PerfectDraft machines, etc.

How do I use Beer Tokens?

To use your Beer Tokens on an order, just make sure you’re logged in and you will be given the opportunity to redeem them when going through the checkout.

What Are Beer Tokens Worth?

To keep things simple, each 1 Beer Token is worth £0.05 off your future purchases from

For the full terms and conditions of the PerfectDraft Beer Tokens, please click here.

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