1. PerfectDraft: A new focus on PerfectDraft

    Important Announcement Regarding Beer Hawk

    We have some important and exciting news from our Managing Director, Matt Lane:

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  2. Spring Rewards: How it works

    Spring Rewards: How it Works

    Over the last few months, we’ve spent a lot of time speaking to members of our PerfectDraft community about loyalty & rewards.

    Something we’re really passionate about is rewarding our most loyal customers and you’ve given us some great feedback and ideas on how we can do this.

    We’re now excited to announce the launch of our ‘Spring Rewards’ program.

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  3. Can you drink alcohol free beer when you're pregnant

    Can you drink alcohol free beer when you're pregnant ?

    During pregnancy, it is recommended to a pregnant woman not to eat any raw or semi-cooked food such as meat, fish, cold meats and certain types of cheese. And above all, smoking and drinking alcohol should be stopped.

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  4. Is there alcohol in alcohol free beer

    Is there alcohol in alcohol free beer ?

    In recent years, alcohol-free beer has become a real trend in the beer market here in the UK. More and more big beer brands and small craft breweries are starting to brew it to the delight of non-alcoholic drinkers. However, there are many questions about this kind of beer.

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  5. Must Try Kegs Part 2. A picture of three PerfectDraft Kegs on a kitchen counter top.

    Must Try Kegs - Part 2.

    We’re back for the second edition of ‘Must Try Kegs’. Last week we spotlighted three fantastic kegs from our MultiTRY range and this week is no different. From a personal favourite lager of mine, to a couple of flavour sensations, take a read through why we think you have to try these three.
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  6. Does non-alcoholic beer taste the same

    Does alcohol-free beer taste the same ?

    Alcohol free beer has become very popular in recent years, although it has not always been beer drinkers’ cup of tea. Over the years there’s been a lot of conversations about the taste of alcohol-free beers, and whether or not they stand up to their alcoholic counterparts.

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  7. New Corona Cero alcohol free beer keg

    The PerfectDraft Corona Cero keg, the first alcohol-free beer in the PerfectDraft range

    We'vejust expanded our range even further on PerfectDraft, with Corona Cero, the first alcohol-free beer in a 6L keg. You've enjoyed the traditional beer, now Corona is back with an alcohol-free variant of one of the world's most famous beers, without compromising on taste.

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  8. What is an alcohol free beer

    What is an alcohol free beer ?

    Besides many preconceptions, alcohol free beer has become a real drinking trend here in the UK for some years now. Perhaps you have already tried non-alcoholic beers or you would like to know more about it to reduce your alcohol consumption after the year-end celebrations? Or maybe you are looking to do Dry January? Beer Hawk, the online beer expert, tells you everything about alcohol-free beer, its origins and its taste!

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  9. Must Try Kegs Part 1. A picture of three PerfectDraft Kegs on a kitchen counter top.

    Must Try Kegs - Part 1.

    We know too well how easy it is to find your favourite tipple, fall in love and only have eyes for one or two different kegs. There’s something great about discovering new flavours and styles, so for part 1 of this series we've picked 3 of our MultiTRY lineup to showcase.

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  10. How to set up PerfectDraft Pro title with a PerfectDraft Pro and Pint of Beer

    How to set up PerfectDraft Pro

    Are you looking for some help on setting up your PerfectDraft Pro? Well you've come to the right place! We've got some handy videos, links to FAQs and troubleshooting, which will help make sure you're ready for Pourtime in no time.
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  11. PerfectDraft - The true cost of a pint

    Did you know the price of a pint on PerfectDraft starts from just £2.32? Let us show you how.
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  12. Power-Saving Mode for PerfectDraft Pro: New Feature Released November 2022

    New Power-Saving Features for PerfectDraft Pro

    You asked, we listened. After receiving feedback that customers wanted a way to lower the energy consumption of their new beer machine, we worked towards an update to do just that. Now you can tell your PerfectDraft Pro when to save energy and when to keep your beer at the perfect drinking temperature.
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  13. PerfectDraft Beer Machine Power-Saving Tips & Tricks

    6 Simple Ways to Minimize PerfectDraft Energy Consumption & Save On Your Electric Bill

    When you own a PerfectDraft machine, you can enjoy perfectly poured pints of beer from the comfort of your home at a price that will make your wallet happy. But did you know that there are a few things you could be doing to drop the price of a pint even lower? By following these energy usage best practices, you can lower your monthly energy bill and still have fresh, chilled beer on tap whenever you want…without ever leaving the couch!
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  14. Getting The Most Out Of PerfectDraft: Get Match-Day Ready

    We’ve all been there, surprise visits from family, they spot your PerfectDraft sitting away holding your beer and the classic “Oh, what’s that you’ve got over there” line pops out. You know full well you’ve already dug into your last keg of Stella Artois and you haven’t even had a chance to order your next batch.

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  15. Getting The Most Out Of PerfectDraft: Express Credit

    If you don’t fancy waiting 5-10 days for your Beer Tokens after returning your empties, you can now get them within 24 hours of handing them over to the courier! It’s dead simple, here’s how:
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  16. Top 7 Father's Day Beer Gifts ideas

    Father’s Day, 19th June 2022, is the special date in the calendar when we celebrate and give a nod to the Dads in our lives. It’s an excuse to spoil them with a little something to say thank you for being awesome. If you’re looking for inspiration for a craft beer-loving Dad, then check out our top 7 Father’s Day beer gifts.
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  17. Beer Hawk Christmas Gift Guide 2021

    The Ultimate Guide to 2021 Beer Christmas Gifts

    Every year, Beer Hawk releases a lineup of limited edition craft beer mixed cases for the holiday season. This year's lineup of festive Christmas beer gifts is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

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  18. Hoppy Christmas, the Craft Beer Advent Calendar is Back!

    Remember the childhood excitement of opening a new door on your advent calendar every day in the run up to Christmas? It gave each day a little sparkle of festive magic, even though those tiny chocolates behind the doors were always a bit rubbish. How would you like to recapture that childhood magic, but with bottles of delicious beer instead of powdery chocolate? Sounds amazing, right? In that case, you need to get your hands on our Craft Beer Advent Calendar.
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  19. How to Match Food & Beer: A Primer

    Pairing beer and food together isn’t all rules and science. That would make for a terribly boring dinner party! Instead, it’s the art of taking a good beer, some good food and partnering them together to make something even better. It’s the adventure of discovering what works, what doesn’t and what you like. It’s you taking a bite, taking a sip and then declaring your undying love for that imperial stout and chocolate cake.
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  20. Behind the Barrel: Wood-Aged Craft Beer

    Barrel-ageing beers is not a new thing, but it is getting more and more popular, and has probably never been as inventive.  Adrian Tierney-Jones explores the new wave of ageing beer in wood

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  21. How to Detect Off Flavours In Your Beer

    While some so-called off-flavours can be appropriate in certain styles others are not and may kill a little bit of your soul. Here's a quick guide to the most common off-flavours.

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  22. The Pros & Cons of Canned Beer in 2021

    Another can spins off the line at Stone Brewing’s new brewery in Berlin. The speed of the whole process is astonishing, a matter of seconds from empty can to filled and sealed. Those amazing hop aromas that Stone Brewing’s IPA is known for are locked in, only to escape as you release the swirling lemon, pine, grapefruit aromas in one of the world’s best IPAs. Cans are the perfect container for this beer. And here’s why.
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  23. Style Feature: British Beers

    As we know, beer has had an impact on cultures around the world for thousands of years. While the importance of our favourite beverage has shifted in some societies over time, today we're going to discuss British beers! The United Kingdom is one of the most prominent beer nations in the world, so here's a deep dive into some of their most historic or well-known styles.
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  24. Relax and Have a Beer

    For eons, beer, like food, has been at the centre of the table connecting people. Friendships solidified over a common pint. Is this not enough? Our beer sommelier, Maggie Cubbler, shares her concerns about how beer is starting to take itself way too seriously.

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  25. BHU: How to Pour & Serve Beer

    We've been discussing how to taste beer but this week at Beer Hawk University we'll be going over how a great taproom properly serves a beer so that we can get the most of its fantastic flavour. Serving temperature, glassware and even the pour itself counts!

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  26. Porter vs. Stout: What's the Difference?

    Ah, the age-old battle between porters and stouts. Both are dark, craft beer styles...but how are the two different from each other? If you were looking at the two side by side, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the stout from the porter, but if you give them a careful whiff and a swig, there's certain differences you *might* be able to taste and smell (or should be able to taste/smell depending on which beer nerd you talk to). But the biggest differences between the two styles are historical.
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  27. 2021 Beer Hawk Easter Beer Gift Box - 5 Beers, a glass, and chocolate tokens

    A Beery Easter Basket

    Our Beer Sommelier, Maggie Cubbler, discusses some of her favourite beers that will be fantastic along with--or instead of--your Easter chocolates. Your move, Easter Bunny.

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  28. Mother's Day Gift Ideas - Wooden Table Filled with Beer and Wine and Flowers in the Background

    Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    Mother's Day is on the horizon, Sunday 14th March to be precise! It's the perfect time to say "cheers" for everything she's done for you throughout the years. This year's Mother's day is going to be a little different, with most of us unable to go round and visit some of those mums, step-mums, grandparents or best motherly influences in our lives. We know shopping for a gift can be a tricky task, so we've pulled together a couple of cracking presents to make life a little easier!
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  29. What Is Craft Beer - Small Stein of Beer with Beer Bottle and Bread in the Background

    What Is Craft Beer?

    Craft beer is a common term used to describe many of the beers we drink today, but what, exactly, is craft beer? When did the term become popular, and what does the future of craft beer look like for the UK and across the globe?
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  30. Pilsner Beer Style Feature - 3 Beer Bottles - Budweiser, Modelo, Stella Artois

    Style Feature: Pilsner

    This Style Feature will walk you through all things Pilsner. The Pilsner, a lager style beer, has a rich history that's been carried across the world. Learn about where pilsners come from, what they taste like and how the style is defined, and our recommended Pilsners to order online and get in your fridge today.
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  31. PerfectDraft Keg Stock Update - 15 February, 2021

    An Update on PerfectDraft Keg Stock

    Update 16:00 15/02/21:

    We have received confirmation that 100% of the expected deliveries are due to arrive tonight (15 February, 2021). This will help us replenish with stock of Stella, Lowenbrau, Thornbridge, Ginette and more. We are also expecting more deliveries tomorrow and every day this week.

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  32. Calories In A Beer | Beer Hawk Blog Header

    How Many Calories Are In a Beer?

    Whether you're trying to stick to your New Year's Resolution or hoping to shed some weight put on during lockdown, understanding the calories in beer can be a helpful first step to getting you back on track. Trying to figure out how many calories are in your beer can be a daunting task, so here's a few tips to help you understand your beer calorie consumption.
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  33. Best Valentine's Day Beer Gifts

    The best Valentine's Day Beer Gifts

    Struggling to find the perfect Valentine's Day gift? Look no further; we've got you covered with the best beer for Cupid's holiday. Whether you're looking for a romantic mixed case or a case of your special someone's favourite style, nothing says "I Love You" quite like craft beer.
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  34. How Beer Is Made

    How Beer Is Made

    Sweet, sweet beer. The magical drink that makes the world go 'round. If you're like many beer drinkers, you just head to your bottle shop or buy beer online and don't think twice about how the beautiful golden liquid came to be. But if your curiosity is begging you to learn more, here's the secret process to creating beer at home from just a few perfect ingredients: water, grains, yeast, and hops.
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  35. Style Feature- Lagers vs Ales - Lager Mixed Case Beer Cans and Bottles

    Style Feature: Lagers vs. Ales

    Most beer that's been brewed can be classified as one of two beer types: either a lager or an ale. But how can you tell the difference? What makes a lager a lager, and an ale an ale? Keep reading to learn more about how they're made, and what types of flavours, aromas, and appearances you can expect from either beer type. By the time you're done, you'll know how to talk about beer like a pro!
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  36. Beer of the Month Club - Live Tasting Video With Beer Cans in Front of Laptop

    Beer of the Month Club

    Looking for an easy way to try out new craft beer without putting in any effort? The BeerBods Beer of the Month Club is the easiest, most affordable way to do just that! “The unexpected beers from BeerBods send you on a journey of discovery. I wouldn’t have tried half of the beers I have if they hadn’t come from BeerBods.” --Iain, BeerBods Subscriber

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  37. Style Feature - IPA Blog Post with Beer Hawk Flute Glass and CLWB Tropica Beer Can

    Style Feature: IPA Beer

    Ode to the IPA: the beer style that’s loved by craft beer drinkers across the world. It seems as though every brewery, no matter how big or small, has a flagship IPA in their lineup. But what exactly makes a beer an IPA? Where did it start, what does the style look like today, and where can you buy the best IPAs online? Keep reading to find out.
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  38. Cheers to Dry January - Tips, Tricks, and Best Alcohol Free Beers

    Dry January? Try these alcohol-free beers

    Planning to partake in Dry January this year? Good news! Low alcohol and alcohol free beer has evolved into a wide selection of beers with outstanding flavour profiles. So sit back, crack open an NA beer, and reset your body for the year to come!

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  39. Top 5 Secret Santa Gifts for 2020

    Best Secret Santa Beer Gifts 2020

    Secret Santa gift exchanges have gone virtual in 2020, so we’re here to make sure you deliver the best gift possible…beer! While you can never go wrong when gifting some craft beverages, we’ve put together a couple of gifts that will help you win Christmas this year without breaking the bank.
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  40. Fight Prostate Cancer with (Alcohol Free) Beer

    Throughout the entire month of November, Beer Hawk will be donating £10 for every £25 case of the Prostate Cancer UK Low & No Alcohol Mixed Case! Alcohol-free beers have been all the rage recently, and this mixed case does not disappoint. Drink beer while fighting a good cause; this is a win-win for everyone!
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  41. 8 Things You Need To Know About Alcohol-Free Beers

    Non-alcoholic beer ranges from 0.0% to 0.5% alcohol, and are gaining popularity as more people are seeking alcohol free alternative beverages for a variety of reasons. From Pilsners to Stouts and everything in between, low and no-alcohol beers are available from breweries around the world, and they are 100% worth celebrating. Here's what you should know about these alcohol-free beers, as well as a few favourites offered online at Beer Hawk:
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  42. Spooktacular Halloween Beer

    Want an article full of terrible puns? No? How about these fangtatsic beers? Here's a list of the top beers for Halloween and the best scary movies to pair with them for the spookiest day of the year!

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  43. Oktoberfest 101 Recipes

    Oktoberfest 101: Recipes

    We don’t want you drinking on an empty stomach, so we have popped together recipes for two absolute staples from Oktoberfest, pretzels and roast chicken! Enjoy!
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  44. Ein Prosit Oktoberfest Blog Header

    Ein Prosit! A German Toast to Oktoberfest

    That time is upon us again--it's Oktoberfest! A festival that started in 1810--initially as a celebration for Crown Prince Ludwig's wedding but had morphed over the years to include horse-racing and an autumn festival--has ultimately found its identity as a place to drink liters upon liters of deliciously drinkable Oktoberfest beer while being enchanted by smells of grilled meat, pretzels, and roughly six million people all trying to use the same toilets. Although in-person festivals won’t be happening in 2020 due to the global pandemic crisis, we can still all toast ein prosit! with each other from a distance.

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  45. How to Have Oktoberfest At Home

    Unfortunately, Munich's famed Oktoberfest, and Oktoberfest celebrations all over the world aren’t happening this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. And while it's impossible to duplicate the atmosphere (do you really want to pour beer all over your floor?) here are some ways to have your own Oktoberfest at home. And then go sleep in your own bed.

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  46. Going NOLO

    I’m going to take you back into the not-so distant past - let’s say 2012. You’re out with friends/family/a loved one (or two, no judgment here) and you find yourself at the bar. Unfortunately for you, you are ‘dezzy’ (aka designated driver)/have to be up early in the morning with a clear head/doing dry January/are pregnant - whatever the reason, not a drop of alcohol can pass your lips that evening. Well, your choices as you stand in front of this wonderfully carved oak bar are tap water or something chock full of enamel rotting sugar that can shine up a 2 pence piece just by looking at it. From a drinks perspective, this is not a great night… and you may have to book a dentist appointment soon.
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  47. Belgian Beers – what’s the fuss all about?

    Belgium might be a small country, but it’s one that’s home to arguably the world’s most influential breweries, which have given us a huge catalogue of epically interesting beer styles.
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  48. Lagers from across the world

    From Germany to Brazil, Czech Republic to the UK, Australia to the USA, Mexico to South Africa - lager is brewed all over the world and it is the world’s best-selling beer style. Why? Quite frankly, because it is epic! Easy drinking, thirst-quenching and a great accompaniment to food. Not bad for a style that started out in the cold, dark caves of the Bavaria region in Germany back in the day.
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  49. Announcing the Save The Pubs Campaign

    Today we’re launching the Hospitality Support Alliance. Along with our friends at Master of Malt, we’ll be donating £1 for every order placed on our websites over the next month to support hospitality workers who are struggling to make ends meet because of COVID-19 crisis.
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  50. Our Craft Beer Advent Calendar as seen on This Morning

    We're proud to have featured again with This Morning, showcasing with the best advent calendars you can buy for Advent this year!
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