In this page you can find information which we are required to provide to consumers according to the laws applicable in the countries in which PerfectDraft operates.


  • Information regarding WEEE and how to dispose of your EEE when it reaches the end of life.
  • France-specific information regarding PerfectDraft Pro in compliance with the requirements set out by the French Decree 2022/748 (information available in French and English)
  • Italy-specific information and alphanumeric codes regarding PerfectDraft Pro packaging components and how to dispose of them (information available in Italian and English).

EU and UK


PerfectDraft appliances are electronic household appliances and need to be disposed of accordingly at the end of their life. You play in important part in ensuring that your old appliance is recycled correctly.

In particular, this symbol  on the product indicates that the appliance must not be disposed of with unsorted common municipal waste. As the end-user, it is your responsibility to dispose of the end-of-life appliance in an environmentally sensitive way. There are several options:?

  • returning it to the distributor/dealer from whom you purchased the product; or
  • depositing it in a designated collection point.

Disposing of the EEE product correctly will help save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human health and the environment, which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling. Please contact your local authority for further details or your nearest designated collection point.? Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in accordance with your national legislation.?

You can find more information on collection or recyclability points by clicking on the following links:

2. WEEE registration details for PerfectDraft

Here is a list of WEEE compliance schemes which we (meaning PerfectDraft Europe SAS in EU Member States and PerfectDraft UK Limited in the UK) are part of. For more information, please visit the scheme’s websites.

  • United Kingdom: Valpak (EA Registration number: WEE/MM9848AA)
  • Belgium: Recupel (949399)
  • Germany: Rev Log
  • Spain: Ecotic (RII-AEE register number: 8082)
  • France: Ecologic (UIN – FR044946_052XKI)
  • The Netherlands:  Stichting-Open (RL00041416)
  • Italy: Consorzio RLG (IT22070000014090)
  • Sweden: El Kretsen

3. WEEE recyclability manual for recyclers

PerfectDraft Pro: link


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Conformément aux exigences fixées par le décret 2022/748, veuillez trouver ci-après les informations requises concernant PerfectDraft Pro.

• quantité de matériau recyclé inclus dans l'appareil :

• présence de substances dangereuses : aucune

• métaux précieux:

• métaux de terres rares :English


Pour Philips PerfectDraft, veuillez consulter le site Web du fabricant.



In compliance with the requirements set out by Decree 2022/748, please find hereinafter the required information concerning PerfectDraft Pro.

• quantity of recycled material included in the appliance:

• presence of hazardous substances: none

• precious metals:

• rare earths metals:


For Philips PerfectDraft, please refer to the manufacturer's website.


*** *** ***




IT: Codici Alfanumerici imballaggio PerfectDraft Pro


EN: Alphanumeric codes for PerfectDraft Pro packaging


Per i codici alfanumerici relativi all'imballaggio del prodotto PerfectDraft Pro, si prega di fare riferimento alla tabella sottostante.

With regard to the Alphanumeric codes for the packaging of the product PerfectDraft Pro, please refer to the table below.

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