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PerfectDraft Bundles

PerfectDraft Bundles

6L Beer Keg & PerfectDraft Machine Bundles: Best Home Bar Beer Pump

In The Sun's article, The 9 Best Beer Dispensers, the PerfectDraft Machine was described as being "stylish, relatively quiet, pours perfect pints…[and is] a perfect party piece for small gatherings." If you're looking for a beer tap to have at home, then you need one of these PerfectDraft beer dispenser bundles. Each machine and keg bundle comes with a pair of Beer Hawk glasses, and is the best way to save money and start your home bar with your favourite beer on tap!


PerfectDraft Bundle Features

  • Includes: keg machine, two beer glasses, and a 6L keg of draught beer
  • Perfectly chilled beer - maintains temp of 3°C
  • Conveniently fits on nearly any countertop
  • Beer stays fresh for a month
  • Approximately 10 pub-quality pints per keg
  • 1L more beer than standard at-home draught kegs
  • Built to last - includes 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • All empty kegs eligible for return to receive beer credit (see below)
  • Easy to use! Just pop the keg into the machine, let it cool down, and you're ready to enjoy. No need for gas cylinders or additional keg equipment.
  • Low maintenance, very little cleaning required
  • Energy efficient keg machine

Dimensions, Voltage Requirements

  • The PerfectDraft Machine has a width of 286 mm, a depth of 493 mm and a height of 444 mm, including the handle.
  • The PerfectDraft Beer Machine pulls a maximum power of 70 watts (average of 40W), which is less than a TV. PerfectDraft requires a standard voltage of 220-240 V on a 50/60 Hz net.

Keg Return Policy - Return Empty Kegs for Discount on Next Order

Save money on your next beer order when you return your empty kegs to Beer Hawk! Every keg you send back is worth £5 of beer tokens to be used within the next 12 months. Returning kegs is FREE and easy.

How to Return Kegs

Log into your account, click the Keg Returns Hub, fill out shipping info, box up your kegs, and drop off your parcels. For more details, read the step-by-step PerfectDraft keg return instructions .

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