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I never know what to get my dad, but this was the best choice ever! The system is easy to set up and use, and a great party piece. 5/5


Perfect gift for a big birthday! An amazing piece of kit, compact and easy to use - love it!


Got this for my husband and he absolutely loves it. He has a bar in his man cave and is living pulling himself a pint. Describes it as a pub pint at home.


This was a gift for my husband. He likes how it is easy to use and the selection of beers.


Got this for Christmas absolutely love it who needs to go pub again.


My fiancée bought this for my birthday and can I say its the best present I've ever had.


My missus bought me the best birthday present ever. I love it so much that now I want a second one.

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  • How many pints are in a PerfectDraft keg?
  • How long does a PerfectDraft keg last?
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  • How do you chill a keg quickly?
  • Is the beer sub worth it?
  • Are kegs worth it?
  • Do you have to return empty kegs?
  • Is it bad to let a keg warm up?
  • How long does it take to chill a keg?
  • Can you get money for empty kegs?
  • How much money do you get for returning kegs?

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