PerfectDraft® Pro Beta Programme Details

By buying the machine, you get the opportunity to participate in our Beta Program and earn Beer Tokens*.

Your contribution is important and will help us improve our product. As a thank you, we are offering some exclusive rewards.

  • Beer Tokens worth £25 will be credited into your BeerHawk account** for each survey completed within a set deadline. You will receive an e-mail when each survey is made available. They will also be made available on this page once they’re live. In order to get the Beer Tokens, you need to complete the survey within the deadline which will be specified in the relevant e-mail (usually 5 days). We estimate that there will be a total number of 2 surveys that will be sent to you***. You can access the survey here.
  • Beer Tokens worth £25 will be credited into your BeerHawk account if you agree and participate in a video interview with one of our ambassadors. Click here to schedule a video interview.
  • Beer Tokens worth £50 will be credited into your Beer Hawk account if you agree and host one of our ambassadors to show them how you use the machine. The ambassador will ask you some questions about your experience with the machine. Click here to schedule an interview (subject to Covid regulations that might be in force at the time of the interview).

UPDATE: Due to latest measures put in place by the UK Government to prevent the spread of Covid19, we are postponing in-person interviews to a later date to protect you and our staff. These will be held between the last week of January 2022 and the first week of February 2022, subject to the Government guidance that will be in place at the time. You will receive an e-mail with a link to schedule this interview in January 2022. Should restrictions relating to the Covid19 pandemic still be in place or if we can't physically come to you for any reason, you will be given the opportunity to conduct the interview via Zoom. By participating to this interview, you will still be entitled to receive £50 in Beer Tokens.

For any questions about the above, please contact us at Our Privacy Policy applies.

* For more information on Beer Tokens and the applicable Terms & Conditions, please visit You’re only eligible to participate in the program if you have purchased a PerfectDraft Pro machine.

** You will need to create an account in order for the Beer Tokens to be credited. Beer Tokens cannot be exchanged for cash.

*** If you do not want to receive the surveys, you will be able to opt-out from any future communications via the link provided in every e-mail you will receive from us.

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