There’s no better way to understand your beer than to make it yourself from the bottom up, plus it could be some of the best beer you've ever had. Here are nine reasons to get you on your way.

Reasons to Homebrew:

1. It’s easier than you think
Brewing beer may seem like alchemy, but it’s certainly no more difficult than making a proper boeuf bourguignon. At the start, it’s just a matter of following a recipe.

2. You’ll appreciate all beer more  
Learning the beer making process from the ground up gives you a true understanding, and appreciation, as to what goes in a beer. It’ll make you a better drinker!

3. Your best ever beer
Your homebrew could be the best beer you’ve ever had. The love and care that you’ll be putting into could eclipse many brewery’s efforts – and it’s all yours.

4. Get dirty
If, like many people, you’re tied to a computer most days, this is the chance to turn your hand to something manual, get dirty and involved. It’s good for the soul.

5. Easy as you like
From malt extract kits to all-grain, you can make it as easy or as hard as you like. Probably not best to kick off with a Double IPA at first, but a porter.

6. Go wild
You have the power. Want to put more hops in? Then go ahead. Fancy throwing in some black peppercorns, all yours. Homebrewing is a hugely liberating and creative experience.

7. Everyone wants to help
The homebrewing community is a friendly one, there’s always someone willing to help on a forum somewhere if you’re doing it alone.

8. Make friends
Some of the most fun nights in a pub are with the local homebrewing club. Not only do you get to sample other people’s efforts, you’ll learn a lot as well.

9. Go pro
If you’ve always harboured an ambition to be a professional brewer, it’s in the home where you’ll want to start. Many of the world’s best brewers started at home.

If you're ready to take the plunge into homebrewing, many local homebrew shops sell beer making kits with everything you need to make your first batch of beer: malt, hops and yeast, racking cane, thermometer, tubing clamp, glass fermenting jug, cleansing solution, airlock, clear vinyl tubing and a screw-cap stopper. Happy brewing!