Known as a Filet Américain in Belgium, the steak tartare is one of the great dishes. But what to pair with it? Our Beer Sommelier Maggie Cubbler picks out a classic

Belgian food pairing: Steak tartare

Affectionately known as Toast Cannibal, the Filet Américain is a staple of casual Belgian dining. Raw beef, à la steak tartare, is seasoned with raw onions, capers, Tabasco and even Worcestershire sauce. An explosion of flavour dances on the tongue and it’s a favourite of all leading zombies.


Vedett / Extra Blond / 5.2%

Salty and savoury, a Filet Américain wants something zesty, refreshing and palate cleansing. The Vedett Extra Blond has a firm bitterness and tongue-tingling carbonation which cuts through the rich fat from the meat while the lager’s sweet citrus note pulls at the briny capers. Plus it’s superbly drinkable.