Our Beer Sommelier Maggie Cubbler shows how even the most mundane meals can be lifted by beer

Pairing great beer with everyday foods

It’s hard to be inspired by the everyday meal. Sometimes we eat something out of habit, routine or just because we’re rushing from one thing to the next and need something to keep us going. But what if we were to take the humble, down-to-earth dinner and do just one thing to make it out of this world? We’re probably already doing it anyway—pair it with beer!

Finding unexpected delights in the ordinary doesn’t require molecular gastronomy or a special occasion beer that had been aged in a gypsum cave. Indeed, exploring fantastic pairings with things that we eat all the time brings a certain beauty to that which is common and, dare we say, life. There’s a reason why certain beer and food pairings are considered classic.

There’s no secret to these pairings and we’re not telling you anything new. But, as with anything, sometimes we need a reminder to stop, savour and enjoy. So, let’s take a look at some of the Great British Dinners and see which beers from some of the UK’s best breweries transform the simple to the supergalactic.


Great pairings with everyday foods

Meal: Fish and chips

Beer: Rooster’s Yankee

Why it works: Fish and chips don’t ask for much: just something crisp and refreshing to wash it all down. Rooster’s Yankee has a bright, juicy character, robust bitterness and drinkability that not only cleans all the greasy goodness away, but it takes any regret with it. 


Meal: Bangers and mash

Beer: Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

Why it works: Creamy mashed potatoes and savoury sausages smothered in a rich gravy do best with a full-bodied beer. Harviestoun Old Engine Oil is a smooth porter with notes of chocolate but its assertive, roasty bitterness ensures this classic pairing isn’t too heavy on the tongue. 


Meal: Spaghetti Bolognese

Beer: Thornbridge Tzara

Why it works: There’s no best way to make a spag bol, but a beer can make it better! Tomatoes have a sweet acidity to them, which the fruity notes in Thornbridge Tzara Köln-style beer match nicely. Bready malts complement the pasta while its crisp finish cleans away any richness. 


Meal: Pepperoni pizza

Beer: Magic Rock Rapture

Why it works: Having pizza without beer is a questionable
decision. Gooey cheese, sweet-and-savoury
tomato sauce and a hand-tossed crust crave a flavourful, drinkable beer. Magic Rock Rapture is a hoppy, yet malt-forward amber ale with enough bitterness and body to match whatever’s piled high on the pie.


Meal: Classic hamburger

Beer: Buxton SPA

Why it works: A juicy hamburger with all the toppings begs for a refreshing beer to wash down each bite. Buxton SPA is an easy-drinking golden ale that is light and flavourful. A moderate bitterness and notes of grapefruit, orange and lemon zest are the ultimate hamburger helpers.