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Introducing PerfectDraft® Pro, the next step in the ultimate home beer experience.

PerfectDraft® Pro is precisely designed to serve the perfect beer at the perfect temperature.

All-new features include variable temperature control, app connectivity, faster cooling, a perfect pour, and stable temperatures.

Be a draught master.

Through the PerfectDraft app, PerfectDraft® Pro gives you total control to serve the perfect pour. All from the palm of your hand.

You can change the temperature, monitor keg levels and freshness, automatically update your machine, choose essential notifications and learn about your beer.

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New Features

Energy Saving Options

Save energy* by personalising your Pro's cooling schedule according to your usage patterns. Try it now on the app!

*compared to a machine set at 6°C or less

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Power Saving

Power Saving Mode

Enabling power saving mode will reduce your Pro's energy consumption by optimising the keg temperature when you are not using it.

Cooling Scheduler

Cooling Scheduler

Select the days when you want to keep your keg at the perfect drinking temperature and your machine will save energy the rest of the time.

And much more on the app for the ultimate

  • Control the temperature of your beer and extend your temperature to 0-12 degrees.

  • Monitor the level of beer left in the keg. Choose your next beer in the app.

  • Monitor the number of days remaining for beer freshness.

  • Access machine troubleshooting and get remote support if you can't solve your issue.

  • Receive automatic over-the air updates to your machine to improve its performance over time.

  • Enable a notification when the target beer temperature is reached.

  • Enable a notification when the keg is nearly empty.

  • Get food pairing and glassware recommendations for all our different kegs.

  • What's new with PerfectDraft® Pro

  • App control

    Manage the machine via the PerfectDraft® app.
    Control the temperature, monitor freshness and levels, get notifications and access services.

  • Perfect pour

    Smart Pour technology means the perfect pour every single time.

  • Customisable medallions

    Find branded magnetic medallions so your guests know what beer is pouring.

  • Variable temperature control

    Pick the perfect temperature for the perfect beer (0°C - 12°C).

  • Constant temperature

    Stable performance in temperatures up to 38°C.

  • Faster cooling

    From room temperature to the perfect temperature in less than 12 hours.

  • Which is the right PerfectDraft® machine for you?

  • Philips PerfectDraft®

    The original PerfectDraft®

    • 6-litre kegs
    • 30 days beer freshness
    • Volume indicator
    • H: 37.6cm, W: 26cm, D: 34.6cm
    • Serves at 3 degrees
    • 12-hour cooling
    • Stable performance in temperatures up to 31°C
  • PerfectDraft® Pro

    The new PerfectDraft®

    • 6-litre kegs
    • 30 days beer freshness
    • Volume indicator
    • H: 44.5cm, W: 29.4cm, D: 40.1cm
    • Temperature control (0°C - 12°C)
    • 10-hour cooling
    • Stable performance in temperatures up to 38°C
    • Smart Pour technology
    • Connected app experience

Perfect Draft, Perfect Service

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Beer Tokens are our unique beery currency that reward you every time you return your used kegs to us! They last 6 months from when you earn them so don't forget to use them. You'll need an account with us to start collecting Beer Tokens so be sure to set one up.

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