You asked, we listened. After receiving feedback that customers wanted a way to lower the energy consumption of their new beer machine, we worked towards an update to do just that. Now you can tell your PerfectDraft Pro when to save energy and when to keep your beer at the perfect drinking temperature.

Power-Saving Mode for PerfectDraft Pro: New Feature Released November 2022

New PerfectDraft Pro Feature: Power-Saving Mode

PerfectDraft Pro users who have their machines connected to their mobile app will be able to make use of energy modes and reduce energy consumption.*

Customer Feedback: Save & Lower Energy Usage

Thanks to helpful customer feedback regarding energy usage, we've been able to improve the PerfectDraft Pro experience for all users. The team at PerfectDraft have released an exciting new feature called energy modes, including power-saving mode and cooling scheduler. Activating these features can save you heaps of energy.

This capability of over-the-air updates is something unique to the PerfectDraft Pro machine and allows it to continuously evolve with new features and capabilities.

Reduce Energy Usage & Consumption by up to 40%**

The new updates give PerfectDraft Pro users two new options within the PerfectDraft app:

1. Power-Saving Mode.

Enabling this feature will bring the machine to a higher temperature to reduce energy usage. If you're planning a weekend away or won't be using the machine for a few days, this is a great option to reduce energy consumption. You will be able to cool your keg back down to your desired temp when you return.

2. Cooling Scheduler.

This innovative scheduler lets you pre-determine when the machine should cool down to a lower beer drinking temperature. For example, you could set the cooling schedule to kick on at 1 degree from Thursday to Saturday. Otherwise, it will automatically change into Power-Saving Mode. Note: Power-Saving mode can be turned on and off manually at any time.

App Preview of Energy Saving Modes for PerfectDraft Pro Machine

By keeping the machine set at a higher temperature when not in use, the machine’s energy consumption will drop by up to 40%, while ensuring the machine will automatically return to the user’s desired drinking temperature on their chosen days.

The Next Step in Home Beer Technology

“The PerfectDraft Pro is the next step in the evolving technology of home beer, allowing beer lovers to pour the perfect glass of draught beer from the comfort of their own home. In addition, we are proud to deliver features that fits consumer needs on the way, like the Power-Saving mode.” -Tim Deeks, Global Director Product & Brand at PerfectDraft.

Download or Update App to Access Power-Saving Mode

Existing PerfectDraft Pro customers can already find this feature on the last release of the mobile app, available now at the App Store and Google Play. If you don’t have a PerfectDraft Pro machine yet, you can order it online and have it shipped to your home for free. Stay tuned to what the best beer machine on the market can bring to you.

Learn more about Power-Saving Mode here.

*compared to a machine set at 6°C or less.

**The 40% energy reduction was achieved by measuring the avg. energy consumption per day during 7 days of a machine with Power-Saving mode on at a ambient temperature of 22 °C +/- 1° , compared to a machine with a set temperature of 3°C during the same period at the same ambient temperature. The Power-Saving performance can change according to how many days and hours of the week the machine has the Power-saving mode on and can be impacted by the ambient temperature.