Enjoy fresh, chilled draught beer at home with the Philips PerfectDraft machine

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PerfectDraft is the ultimate way to drink beer at home. Simply click in a keg, cool and pour.

PerfectDraft is a counter-top machine that chills six-litre kegs of beer down to a precise 3°C. There are more than 50 of your favourite beer brands available throughout the year, from crisp lagers to Belgian classics, hoppy ales to refreshing wheat beers.

We’ve just launched our first cider too. The drinks stay fresh for 30 days.

  • Why choose the original PerfectDraft?

  • Elegantly engineered

    Designed to fit into a kitchen, home bar or living room.

  • 50+ beers

    Your favourite beers enjoyed at home, from crisp lagers to Belgian classics, hoppy pale ales to wheat beers. New: Orchard Pig cider.

  • Discover the perfect pour

    Designed to maintain quality and pour beer the way the brewer intended.

  • Perfectly chilled

    Cooled to a constant 3°C and will stay fresh and carbonated for 30 days.

  • Which is the right PerfectDraft® machine for you?

  • PerfectDraft®

    The original PerfectDraft®

    • 6-litre kegs
    • 30 days beer freshness
    • Volume indicator
    • H: 37.6cm, W: 26cm, D: 34.6cm
    • Serves at 3 degrees
    • 12-hour cooling
    • Stable performance in temperatures up to 31°C
  • PerfectDraft® Pro

    The new PerfectDraft®

    • 6-litre kegs
    • 30 days beer freshness
    • Volume indicator
    • H: 44.5cm, W: 29.4cm, D: 40.1cm
    • Temperature control (0°C - 12°C)
    • Connected app experience
    • 10-hour cooling
    • Smart Pour technology
    • Stable performance in temperatures up to 38°C

Perfect Draft, Perfect Service

Discounts on multiple purchases, a simple easy to return procedure, no hassle and money back on your returns... what else would you want?!

Graham from London

Explore a
world of beer.

Over 50 beers and growing

Discover a world of beer

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Discover a world of beer Discover a world of beer
Keg return Packaging

Return and Earn

PerfectDraft uses six-litre aluminium kegs that need to be returned. Each one is used around eight times. It is effortless to return the kegs: just put them back in the same box when they're empty, book a collection, and we'll do the rest. Every time you return a keg to us, we'll give you £5 back in Beer Tokens to spend on your next order.

How to return your kegs?
Beer Token

What are Beer Tokens?

Beer Tokens are our beery currency that rewards you every time you return your used kegs to us. You get £5 in Beer Tokens for every keg returned. These can be used for your next purchase. You can use them for six months. You'll need a Beer Hawk account to start collecting Beer Tokens.

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