Our Beer Sommelier, Maggie Cubbler, discusses some of her favourite beers that will be fantastic along with--or instead of--your Easter chocolates. Your move, Easter Bunny.

2021 Beer Hawk Easter Beer Gift Box - 5 Beers, a glass, and chocolate tokens

 I'll admit it. I'm a weak bastard when it comes to all of these seasonal sweets out on the store shelves this time of year. I could murder a full kilo of those chocolate eggs. It's the crunchy coating that does me in. If it's not chocolate eggs, it's those creme eggs that make me want to empty the creamy centers into a bowl, lock the door and grab a ladle. 

I guess all this chocolate has Easter on the brain for me because I recently dreamt I was having a dinner party with my friends and the Easter Bunny showed up.* As any good dinner party guest does, he came bearing gifts of chocolate and beer (because why wouldn't the Easter bunny bring chocolate and beer?) While I'm sure my dream Easter Bunny didn't have specific pairing principles in mind, it actually gave me a great idea: let's celebrate Easter with chocolates and beer!

Not everybody prefers to celebrate Easter with cheap chocolates from the grocery store which is where a delicious beer can step in. So whether you're looking to make a chocolate orange more mature or would prefer an Easter basket filled with beer instead, here are a few of my favourite pairings and beers. And ones I'd probably ask the real Easter Bunny to bring:

Beer and Easter Chocolate Pairings

Believe it or not, beer is a fantastic partner to chocolate. While delicious dark Belgian chocolates are heavenly with the likes of a rich Belgian Quad or a Doppelbock, even the cheap stuff can be lifted to another level with a great beer. Take, for instance:

Milk Chocolate Eggs + Rochefort 6

Belgian dubbels are a match made in heaven with milk chocolates. The Rocherfort 6's fruity, yeasty notes have a whiff of milk chocolate while the semi-dry finish cleanses the sweet richness of the chocolate eggs preparing you for more. Lots more. Oh so many more...

Chocolate Orange + Celis White

There's a creaminess to the carbonation of the Celis White Witbier that interacts nicely with the chocolate by both complementing and cleansing it. Hints of orange marmalade and lemon accentuate the orange bit of the, well, chocolate orange while a bit of classic coriander gives an interesting contrast. Looking at the difference between a chocolate orange and a pale Witbier, you'd be surprised at this pairing--but it really works!

Caramel Eggs + Wild Beer Millionaire

Decadent and sweet, just like our precious caramel eggs, the Wild Beer Millionaire is a Sweet Stout with apparent notes of milk chocolate, cocoa, lactose and caramel. The addition of Cornish sea salt to the brew gives that briny, salty character which lifts a simple caramel egg to a posh salted caramel status. Tip 'o the cap to this one, kind gentlepeople.

Ready To Order Easter Beer Gift Boxes

No time to put together your own Easter beer basket this year? Don't fret; we've got you covered! Check out these beery gifts, ready to pop in a basket or open straight from the box:

2021 Hoppy Easter Gift Box

Includes five beers, a beer glass, and chocolate beer tokens. The Easter craft beer box is neatly packaged in pastel colours, perfect for the occasion!

Beers in the box:

  • Revival | English bitter from Moor Brewery
  • POGO | Juicy pale ale from Wild Beer Co
  • Life & Death | IPA from Vocation Brewery
  • Sunday Pale Ale | Pale ale from And Union
  • Hopping Corner | West Coast IPA from Round Corner

Spring Craft Beer Mixed Case

With six cracking craft beers and some chocolate coins tossed in for fun, you can't go wrong gifting this beer box for the Easter holiday. Enjoy a variety of styles from different breweries and let the festivities begin!

Beers in the box:

  • Golden Goose | Lager by Goose Island
  • OKI | Red rye lager by Costwold
  • Breakfast Club 1.0 | Breakfast pastry stout by Vocation Brewery
  • Red Handed | Red Ale by Arundel Brewery
  • Pon Dera | West Coast IPA collaboration by Thornbridge & Firestone Walker
  • Tripple Chocolate | Stout by Saltaire Brewery

Hoppy Easter from Everyone at Beer Hawk!

As another Easter holiday amidst the global pandemic is approaching, we know that means the day might look a bit different than it has in years past. We hope these beers, hand selected by the experts at Beer Hawk, will help bring some joy to your holiday as we look forward to brighter days to come! Cheers!