Picture this: the sun is shining, the grill is hot and your friends are telling you what an amazing person you are. The only thing that could make things better would be to have a keg of beer at your disposal. This doesn't have to exist only in your wildest daydreams (well, perhaps the sun actually shining when you want it to) because we can make the keg of beer part happen.

Perfect Draft is, well, the perfect accompaniment to any gathering: birthday parties, team-building events and, of course, BBQs. Keeping the kegs of Leffe Blond, Ruby, Royale and Rituel, as well as the lovely Frankziskaner Weissbier and Hoegaarden Wit at a chilly 3?C , each pour will be at a fantastically consistent temperature ensuring a fresh, crisp beer.

Each of the beers that we have available for the Perfect Draft system are all easily drinkable and appealing to many taste preferences. These refreshing beers are also a wonderful partner for food. Here are some of my BBQ pairing suggestions so that you can fire up that grill, call your friends and have a great day in the sun:

Franziskaner Weissbier

Try this with: Grilled sausages/hot dogs, grilled seafood, salads

Hoegaarden Wit

Try this with: Grilled seafood/chicken, asparagus

Leffe Blond

Try this with: Cheeseburgers, jerk chicken

Leffe Royale

Try this with: Grilled salmon, grilled game burgers

Leffe Rituel

Try this with: Charcuterie, smoked pulled pork

Leffe Ruby

Try this with: Summer fruit Pavlova, Summer Berry Crumble

Obviously, this is just a start to get your Bank Holiday weekend BBQ going. As versatile as these beers are you can take this any direction you want, just remember some simple rules: you don't want the beer to overwhelm your food, try to find a complementary flavor and playing with contrasts can be fun. Have fun experimenting! Yet, no matter your plans we hope the sun shines on your this weekend. And that you receive much adoring praise from your grateful friends.



--Beer Sommelier