Our Beer Sommelier has paired some fantastic brunch dishes with each beer from Beer Hawk's Top Dad Beer Box gift set. Treat your No. 1 Man to an epic Father's Day beer brunch and make this Father's Day one he won't soon forget!

Whether your pops is a Trad Dad, Crafty Dad or just your run-of-the-mill All-Star A+ #1 Superhero he deserves to celebrate his day in style. So if you're looking to do something a bit different for him than a classic Sunday lunch, might I suggest gifting him with our Top Dad Beer Box and pairing it with an exciting Father's Day brunch at home?

The Top Dad Beer Box includes five highly-rated craft beers, our own branded aviero glass and a packet of pork cracklings to finish it all off. I agree that it's hard to beat a packet of pork cracklings and beer, but here are my pairing suggestions for a truly memorable Father's Day beer brunch. Feel free to add burnt toast and milky coffee, if you so desire.

Crushed Avocado on Toast

Paired with Goose Island Urban Wheat Ale

This simple dish is perfect for the wee ones to prepare (and they're great at smashing things anyway...) Top your toast with freshly crushed avocado, tomatoes, nuts, feta cheese or whatever your preference and have him enjoy this alongside the crisp Goose Island Urban Wheat Ale. A grainy, caramel-y malt character is a great complement to the toast while its effervescence is a lovely palate-cleanser for the creamy avocado. Nothing is too complicated in this one. Just have Dad sit back and enjoy.

Fried Chicken and Waffles

Paired with BAD Co. Comfortably Numb

A staple at American brunches (particularly in the South), I appreciate that this one may raise some eyebrows. However, very little compares to the sweet and savoury combination of a flavourful fried chicken and a hearty waffle drizzled with sweet maple syrup. I love BAD Co.'s Comfortably Numb with this. The beer's zesty and citrus hop profile provides an interesting contrast while its robust bitterness accentuates the spice. A crisp, refreshing mouthfeel cleanses after each bite and if you really want to make this interesting, swap out the chicken for some duck confit and watch the Old Man's mind explode.

Lobster Eggs Royale

Paired with Stone Cali-Belgique

Whether you use lobster, crayfish or a smoked salmon this decadent brunch standard is a must. Using lobster is my preference for a special occasion and I'm sure Big Daddy Boom Boom would love the special touch. My favourite Stone beer, the Cali-Belgique, is the best choice for this dish. A hint of funk in the flavour picks up the hollandaise's acidity while a punchy Belgian spice adds some great flavouring to the sweet lobster meat. A firm bitterness cuts richness while a lovely citrus character is like a squirt of lemon over top. This beer is a bit "bigger" so don't hold back on the hollandaise and lobster or it'll overwhelm. Do this. Do this now.

Passionfruit Mascarpone Dutch Baby

Paired with Brewdog Punk IPA

For fear of appearing to advocate for the eating of Dutch babies on Father's Day, a Dutch Baby is basically a large, fluffy pancake that has been cooked in an iron skillet in the oven similar to a Yorkshire Pudding. Taking the shape of the skillet they're the perfect vessel for holding heaps of your favourite additions. I suggest swirling in some passionfruit pulp in the batter so that it picks up the bright, bold passionfruit notes in Brewdog's Punk IPA. A dollop of mascarpone will tone down the beer's moderate bitterness while the beer's rather dry finish will cleanse the palate. Not that your padre will need more encouragement for the next bite.

Oysters on the Half Shell

Paired with Magic Rock Dark Arts

Finally, a brunch classic with a modern twist: raw oysters on the half shell paired with Magic Rock's Dark Arts Stout. We all know that salty, briny oysters crave the dry roastiness of a stout and this pairing is as famous as your father's love for beer. The beer's luxuriously smooth mouthfeel matches that of the oyster's while its notes of fig, chocolate and liquorice are a supremely interesting contrast to the salty delicacy. Finish it off with a roasted, coffee-like bitterness and this Father's Day beer brunch will go down in history. You. are. welcome.

So there you are, a wonderful way to say thanks to the Dad in your life. Whether it's a granddad, uncle, family friend or just a great guy, they deserve this day just celebrating them. And if this beer brunch proves to be just a bit too upmarket, don't forget the packet of pork cracklings at the end.