Just like beer, sandwiches come in all sorts. Smoked, grilled, smothered or fried, there’s something for everyone. This week Maggie Cubbler looks at the long history of the Pork Tenderloin

Origin: 1908 Indianapolis
Bread: Pounded, breaded and fried pork, onions, lettuce
Sauce: Mustard and mayo

This beast of a sandwich features a pork tenderloin pounded out to the size of a dinner plate, breaded, deep fried and then placed on a hamburger bun about two sizes too small. Served with lettuce, onions, mustard and mayo this Schnitzel-like speciality is a nod to the state’s German roots.


Brown Ale

Brooklyn Brown Ale’s complex maltiness has notes of caramel, coffee and toast, which all have a delightful interplay with the toasty, crunchy crust of the pork tenderloin. Its pleasing finish has just the right bitterness to cut through the sandwich’s deep-fried goodness.