Just like beer, sandwiches come in all sorts. Smoked, grilled, smothered or fried, there’s something for everyone. This week Maggie Cubbler looks at the wonderfully decadent Lobster Roll

Badass American sandwiches: The Lobster Roll


The Lobster Roll

Bread: Hot dog bun
Filling: Lobster tail
Sauce: Drawn butter, lemon and ground pepper
Origin: 1920s’ New England

While some versions mix in mayonnaise, I think using drawn butter displays the sweet lobster meat much better. Stuffed in a basic hot dog bun with a bit of lemon juice, salt and pepper is the best way to reward the hard work of New England’s lobster fishermen.

A light, malt-forward lager like the Camden Hells Lager is a perfect partner to the sweet flavour of the lobster meat. Some spicy hop notes and a dry, bitter finish provide the perfect cutting sensation for each bite.