Just like beer, sandwiches come in all sorts. Smoked, grilled, smothered or fried, there’s something for everyone. This week we're looking at the Ruben.

Since there’s a million ways to make ‘em, you betcha there’s a perfect beer partner somewhere! While we all have our favourites, different regions claim to have the best sandwich in the land. Each is delicious in its own right so let’s go on an adventure of the Good Ol’ USA to discover the best thing to happen to sliced bread.

The Reuben

Origin: Omaha, Nebraska or NYC
Bread: Rye
Filling: Corned beef, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese
Sauce: Russian dressing

The origins of the Reuben are up for dispute but one thing’s not: this sandwich is flipping awesome! Stacks of corned beef are piled high and then topped with Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and a Russian salad dressing. Grilled on rye bread, this Jewish-American delicacy ticks all the boxes.

Anchor Brewing Porter
Anchor Brewing’s Porter has a lovely smoky character alongside a mocha flavour that provides an interesting contrast to the brininess of the corned beef. This pairing plays sweet-off-salt and bitter-meet-umami. Thanks to the sauerkraut we’ve got the whole tongue covered!