Street food festivals have taken the country by storm and with food truck fare becoming increasingly more exciting there isn't a better way to go on a culinary trip around the world without leaving your local park. As we inch ever-closer to summer's swan song, Maggie Cubbler gives us one of her favourite food truck & beer pairing matches: Gua Bao with Poperings Hommelbier.

Gua Bao

Truck name:
Made in Taiwan
Main ingredients:
Pork, pickled greens, coriander
In other words:
Pork belly in steamed bun

A version of gua bao.

Savoury and salty five-spice pork belly is braised in rice wine and soy sauce, sliced thin then stuffed in a steamed, fluffy bun. A true Taiwanese gua bao is served with pickled mustard greens and fresh coriander to cut the richness and then dusted with peanut powder. A bit messy, a LOT delicious.

Pair it With: Poperings Hommelbier

A bright, citrus fruit character makes for an interesting contrast with the spiced meat. This Belgian ale's caramel maltiness picks up the sweetness from the braise while a grassy bitterness and dry finish cut the pork belly's fattiness.