It's easy--and delicious--to reach for your favourite beer each time you head out for a quick one. But most of the fun about this vast beery world is discovering new things to try. If you're looking for a bit of a change but don't know where to start--we're your man and woman!

If you like bitters, try some these!

The great British bitter: famed the world over and the granddaddio to many modern styles. Lovers of this style appreciate it for its immense drinkability, unparalleled balance and subtlety in flavour. Its low to moderate alcohol content makes this style of beer the best to sit down and enjoy a session with. There's very little that beats a hand-pulled pint down the local but here are our favourite pale ales in a bottle:

Ilkley Mary Jane

Coming in at an accessible 3.5%, Ilkley Brewery's multi-award-winning Mary Jane, is a brilliantly refreshing Session Pale Ale. We like the use of Amarillo and Cascade hops in this one as it gives it a bit of that "new world" character. A firm bitterness is accompanied by fresh citrus notes and a nice, clean finish makes this beer delightfully easy-drinking. This could be your new go-to.

Harrogate Brew Co. Pinewoods Pale Ale

This pleasantly easy-drinking pale ale from our friends at Harrogate Brew Co. is packed full of tropical fruits and citrus. This 4.4% beer boasts American  hops on a traditional British malt backbone resulting in a very tasty and mellow beer--perfect for a chill weekend.

The Durham Brewery Magus

The Durham Brewery is highly regarded as one of the leaders in traditional British ales. This bottle conditioned beauty pours a very light golden clour and is as light and refreshing as it looks. We like this one because it's a perfect example that subtletly and simplicity is both elegant and delicious.

Salopian Darwin's Origin

It's almost in the name: Salopian Brewery's Darwin's Origin is one of our favourites when we're trying to taste the origins of the classic British bitter. If a traditional bitter is eminently quaffable, deliciously balanced between malt and hops and not too complex, then this gorgeous beer from Shropshire ticks all those boxes.

Other Styles You'll Love

It's not hard to find a great British bitter but if you're looking to push the envelope just a bit, we know you'll love beers from these similar styles:

Vienna Lager

Yes, this is a lager but its smooth and creamy mouthfeel, bready malts and dry finish is a worthy contender for Bitter-lovers looking to try something new.

Must try: Brooklyn Lager


Very similar to the Vienna Lager, the Märzen is noted for its bready yet clean malt flavours. The hops character is a bit more muted than a British bitter but if quaffability is important, then this style is hard to beat. You may also know it as Oktoberfest!

Must try:Paulaner Oktoberfest

American Amber Ale

New World or American hops varieties are evident in this style but the American Amber Ale is more malt-forward than its American IPA or Pale Ale counterparts. If the term "American" has you fearing a big hop blast to the face, don't fear this moderately strong and characterful craft beer style.

Must try:Siren Liquid Mistress


Pale, moderately bitter and very dry, the Saison is easily one of the more appealing styles to a wide array of tastes and preferences. While it does  display the classically Belgian spicy and fruity character (important to know if that's not your thing), this farmhouse style beer is meant to be enjoyed by those who love crisp, effervescent beers.

Must try: St. Feuillien Saison

We hope you are as excited about your beer journey as we are. Whether you want to find yourself inspired by something new or just drink more of what you love, follow us. Great beer is this way!