Love and light beers: we love 'em for their bubbles and the way they dance in our mouths. We also love 'em for their exceptional freshness. Whatever your reason for loving a light beer, let us here at Beer Hawk show you some of our favourites.

We don't actually love calling these beers "light". What, exactly, does that mean? Light in colour, light in body, light on the wallet? But we'll go with what we think you mean when you say you like something light. It's bubbly, it's pale in colour and it's easy to drink. Well, we like those kinds of beers too--and here are our favourites:

Flensburger Gold

A classic example of the easy-drinking Dortmunder Export style, this beer has an enjoyable malt profile. Barley, grain, biscuits and bread are followed by a spritzy cut grass note. This style is notable for its somewhat sturdier body but its clean, crisp finish is a favourite for those who like simplicity in their beer.

Erdinger Kristall

An effervescent carbonation creates a huge, billowing head in this Kristalweizen. Similar to a Hefeweizen but filtered to remove much of its haze, this sparkling clear wheat beer is marked for its subtle fruit notes complemented by a chewy wheat and earthy character. It is exceptionally refreshing!

Brewdog Nanny State

We're not trying to imply that "light" means low ABV but in the case of this .5% low alcohol beer, we'll make an exception. As with anything from Brewdog, they manage to get whole loads of flavour where it's otherwise thought impossible. Chocked full of hops, this beer has a light, refreshing quality alongside notes of citrus and pine.

Deus Brut des Flandres

So remember how we said that light doesn't necessarily mean low ABV? Well, enter Deus. This 11.5% Champagne beer is a bohemoth yet still managed to be effervescent and light thanks to its fermentation process similar to an actual Champagne. It pours a pale gold colour and showcases floral hops and light, biscuity malts. It's truly one for a special occasion.

Other Styles You'll Love


Originating from around Leipzig, Germany, the gose is a sour wheat beer noted for its tartness due to the addition of lactobacillus bacteria after the boil. The gose stands out thanks to a bit of salt and coriander, which results in a refreshingly salty, herbal character balanced by a tart citrus. While the gose's tartness can be somewhat of a surprise sometimes, it's not so bold that it would turn away those who just love a light, simple beer.

Must try: Omnipollo Magic #3.5 Pineapple Gose

Belgian Pale Ale

It's pretty much in the name; if you like a light beer, then a Belgian pale ale is the way to go. Some beers of this rather undefined style can get upwards of 7% ABV but they generally have a light to medium body that is easy to drink. Typically these beers have a rather dry finish which is pleasing to those who are looking for something refreshing and crisp. Don't expect the mundane, however, the Belgian pale ale is flavourful with a definite hoppiness and spicy yeast character.

Must try: Orval Trappist Ale


This 400-year-old Belgian style has found modern popularity thanks its flavourful, yet easy-drinking quality. Literally ‘white beer’, this Belgian wheat ale got its name because of its cloudy haze. A smooth mouthfeel and grainy malts meet a dry and spicy Belgian yeast character with notes of coriander and orange. The witbier is exceedingly refreshing.

Must try: Blanche de Bruxelles


Taking a slight left turn here, we love a mead when we're looking for something with delicate flavours that's silky on the palate. Meads use honey as its source of sugar during fermentation which result in a drink that ranges sometimes up to 20% ABV! Made with fruit, spices, grains or hops a mead can take on many flavours but are usually very sweet. Some of the lower ABV meads can have a refreshing, bright finish and we think these are great for those who love a lighter beer.

Must try: Gosnells London Mead