There's something about the homely comfort of Belgian food that's sure to satisfy on the chilliest of days. There are a lot of classic Belgian beer and food pairings but here's one of our Beer Sommelier's, Maggie Cubbler, favourites: Carbonnade à la Flamande with Westmalle Dubbel.

Belgian Beer and Food Pairings: Carbonnade à la Flamande with Westmalle Dubbel

Whether you're lounging at home or on an intergalactic voyage through the stars, there's hardly a better pairing in the universe than Belgian beer and food. Here's why:

Carbonnade à la Flamande

This hearty dish is the quintessential Belgian meal. While recipes may vary from cook to cook, usually it’s beef and veg slow-cooked in beer, herbs and spices and sometimes mustard. Served with some frites, it’s hard to beat a Carbonnade à la Flamande on a blustery day.

Westmalle Dubbel

A rich dish like a Carbonnade needs the Westmalle Dubbel’s complexity to stand up to it. This Trappist ale displays dark fruits, bread, and subtle spices which lead the way for a bitter finish that lingers long and dry. It’s a perfect match.