Best beers we tried this week

Amazing  beers have landed in the warehouse from De Molen, Fyne Ales, Brewski, Oud Beersel and Mondo Brewing. Here are our tasting notes

Mondo Brewing / Global Heresy 2 / 4.8%
Mondo is a London brewery who came crashing into the craft beer limelight in 2015 as the best UK up and comer and has lived up to the hype. This collaboration with Heretic Brewery in the US is bottle conditioned and highly carbonated blood orange saison. Black pepper and citrus are the two most notable flavours. As the big fluffy head dissipates the blood orange is more noticeable and the beer has a surprisingly sweet finish for a saison.

Oud Beersel / Framboise / 5%
This brewery began in an old cart shed in 1880 but the actual founding didn't take place for another 40 years. In 1922, they had a proper building to brew in and have been making great beer ever since. This barrel-aged raspberry Lambic pours a beautiful pink colour with a slightly pink head. It smells like fresh raspberry jam with good levels of carbonation and a tart refreshing finish. The sweet/sour raspberry flavour lingers for ages.

Fyne Ales / Sanda Black / 5.5%
A Scottish brewery with ever growing popularity, Fyne ales started in 2001 and have been expanding rapidly.This black beer has a dark brown head that smells of caramel and chocolate. The body is light and airy. Very malt focused with a heavy emphasis on caramel flavour. Earthy English hops leave a floral taste that compliments the caramel. The finish is short, sweet, and slightly bitter.

Brewski / Passionfeber APA / 7%
Brewski is a Swedish micro brewery with a passion for making things a little bit different. They bottle condition most of their beers and have a unique design style. This beer pours with a strong fizzy head, and the beer is hazy with a New England IPA look. There is a very prominent passionfruit nose and a light mouthfeel, effervescent, taste of bready malt character to start, giving way to passion fruit and a strong hoppy bitter finish that is dry and balanced but becomes more bitter the longer it lingers.

De Molen / Dag & Dauw / 7.1%
A short drive from Amsterdam this young, highly-regarded craft brewery. It has a world renowned stout but also their series of IPAs are superb.
Dag & Dauw is golden/amber beer with a fresh malt aroma that smells like a mill room in a malt house. There are slight aromas of hop and citrus. A very malt forward flavour in the beginning, gives way to a citrus flavour that is followed by a lingering bitterness. The Bergamot is very noticeable on sips two and three as the palate gets used to it.