Best new beers of the week

This week, we've seen some amazing deliveries to the warehouse, including these delights from Cloudwater, Thornbridge, Buxton, Rooster's and Arbor. Not bad eh?

Thornbridge / Tart / 6%
 This beer is named after the town that hosts Thornbridge: Bakewell (of the tart’ fame (although in Bakewell NEVER call it a ‘tart’, it’s a ‘pudding’). This pours with a nice frothy head, with a very light blonde straw colour. The aroma is… intriguing, it smells a little sour and fruity. It is clean and crisp with a mild sourness. Mild and very, very drinkable. The perfect beer for sunshine and spring air.

Arbor / Megs Bomb / 4.7%
Arbor has a true ‘living the dream’ story. They are relatively new to the UK beer scene and started as a one man brewing crew. They still brew all of their beer on a kit with a 20 barrel max capacity which is pretty small. It is a golden to amber coloured beer with small head, smells of green grass and tropical fruit. It has a very smooth body with little carbonation. There is a nice sweetness that hints at lotus biscuits with an earthy, fruity, almost juicy bitterness. This beer is bitter, sweet, earthy, and easy to drink with a quick finish.

Rooster’s Brewery / Highway 51 / 3.7%
The American sounding name would suggest a particular style and if you took a wild guess you’d be right. They used American hops to do most of the heavy lifting with a helping hand from the kiwis. It pours a very light straw colour and has a small creamy white head. The smell is not overpowering but it does have little hints of tropical fruit like pineapple. The taste is soft and subtle but has a definite bitterness that gives way to nice citrus flavours that linger through a dry lasting finish.

Buxton Brewery / Myrcia / 4%
Unfiltered and unpasteurised, this brew pours a pretty golden haze with a quickly dissipating head. It smells of pomegranate, pineapple, and passionfruit. Which is a bit funny if you consider the “Quest for the Grail”... “Coconuts? In Myrcia? Coconuts are a tropical fruit, Myrcia is a temperate zone…” “The swallow may fly south for the winter but it’s not a stranger to our lands.” “Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?” You get the point. The tropical fruits are evident in both the nose and the taste. The oatmeal really gives this beer excellent body and a good delivery system for the sweet and fruity flavours. The finish is sweet, long, and fruity, as well as moorish. Delicious beer from Buxton yet again.

Cloudwater / Fazenda Oura Verde (Coffee) Porter / 6%
Beer juggernauts Cloudwater have only been in business for two and a half years and they have taken the British craft beer scene by storm. Dark brown even when held to the light with a creamy lasting head. Nothing but coffee on the nose, except maybe a tiny hint of vanilla. It has a light carbonation with caramel heavy malt base and a coffee presence to round out the sweetness. It is reminiscent of Tiramisu with the creamy sweet flavour mixed with coffee.