Best new beers of the week

Beer Hawk's Beer Sherpa Patrick Gengler picks out his favourite new beers of the week including Lost & Grounded, De Molen, Founders, Haandbryggeriet and To Øl

Founders / PC Pils / 5.5%
From the folks who bring you a cave-aged bourbon barrel stout, PC Pils is a perfect beer for summer. We put an article on our journal about hoppy pilsners becoming the new thing in craft beer and this is the best example we’ve found so far. Loads of fruity hoppy smell, refreshing carbonation and light pilsner body with just enough bitterness to keep you coming back for more
De Molen / Vuur and Vlam / 6.2%
This Netherlands-based brewery, famous for their super black viscous beer Rasputin, produces a gamut of craft beers. Vuur and Vlam is their IPA – ish thing that has a very prominent fresh malt character on the nose. Not your everyday IPA by any means the –ish is very appropriate as its main flavour is sweet fresh malt but it finishes surprisingly bitter. Well balanced with a sweet, then dry finish.
Lost & Grounded / No Rest for Dancers / 6.2%
 Brown beer, an underserviced sector of the craft market. This beer from the relatively new brewery has an earthy chestnutty smell that appears in the flavour. Malt lead and slightly sweet this beer finishes nice and dry
Haandbryggeriet / Bestefar / 9%
How many breweries make a Christmas beer that goes off before Christmas comes around…? Leave it to the Norwegians. We had to give this a go; it smells like, well, smells like bacon. The body is incredibly smooth and rich with a sweet malty start and a smoky finish that lingers and tastes like perfectly crisped smoked bacon. Oh, my days.