BrewDog's Born To Die is back. BrewDog's 'Terminally hopped' beer comes out every few months, and is defined by its drink by date. Here's some opinions from us... and you

Born To Die 13.05.2017: The Verdict?

Here's what our team thought...

"Oh my. Brewdog's Born To Die is, well, to die for. This sparkling gold beer hits you with gorgeous aromas of grapefruit, citrus fruits and fresh-cut grass. Taking a sip, however, sends you to another world (pretty sure it's heaven.) Complex notes of passionfruit, mango, candied oranges and lemongrass are complemented by a fantastic earthy bitterness with a bit of spice whilst a firm bitterness nicely lingers. A medium-light body and a dry finish give this IPA a very refreshing drinkability that is surprisingly restrained. But those are just words. All you need to know is that this. Beer. Is. Fresh."

Ellie: "Super piney and resiny taste with an almost chlorophyll quality, a bit like cut grass. Supper hoppy with pineapple/tropical notes."

Nick: "Really bitter, citrus and fruity aroma, slightly resinous. Like a bitter pineapple."

Stu: "Extremely hoppy, citrus aroma"