Everything seems bigger in the USA and that includes the food. Our Beer Sommelier returns home to search craft beer bars for the Great American Sandwich

Sandwich celebration

America: Land of the free, home of the brave. Not the best at picking leaders but damn if there isn’t some good beer coming out of those amber waves of grain. In typical American fashion, US beer styles are based on traditional European ones but with the volume cranked way, way up. Yuge flavours, yuge aromas, yuge finish. Crack one of these babies open and BOOM: Freedom.

American beer has been setting the standard for the modern beer movement with many traditional and emerging markets drawing influence from it. Thanks to the hops from the Pacific Northwest – like the famed Five C’s of Centennial, Columbus, Chinook, Cascade and Citra – American beers such as the American Pale and IPA are noted for their juicy citrus, resinous pine and intense bitter character. Yet, as the American market is maturing, so too is the taste of the consumer. Brewers are now producing world-class wild ales and the more refined New England-style IPA is taking the country by storm as beer fans demand a bit more finesse to go along with their hop-bombs.
Big American beers are well-suited for American food like gargantuan piles of meat, hearty biscuits n’ gravy or even burritos as big as your head.

Our beautiful beer, however, matches nicely with something we do best – the very, very best: a mammoth, sloppy, sinful but oh-so-delicious, sandwich. Regional variations make it exciting yet impossible to define but one thing is certain: it’s not a party without one. From the six-foot party sub necessary to watch the big game or a Philly cheesesteak to celebrate, well, Tuesday, if there’s anything that Americans know how to do it’s making an occasion out of a big ol’ plate of some good eatin’. F$&* Yeah!

Keep an eye out on the Journal over the coming weeks for some amazing sandwich recipes and perfect beer pairings