From Germany to Brazil, Czech Republic to the UK, Australia to the USA, Mexico to South Africa - lager is brewed all over the world and it is the world’s best-selling beer style. Why? Quite frankly, because it is epic! Easy drinking, thirst-quenching and a great accompaniment to food. Not bad for a style that started out in the cold, dark caves of the Bavaria region in Germany back in the day.

We have all said the word ‘lager’ before, but what does it mean and where does it come from? Well, if we look more closely, ‘lager’ is derived from the German word ‘lagern’ which means “to store” and it’s because of the way it is stored that we get this amazing beer. Without going all beer-geeky on you, the yeast used in lager likes to run cold. 6 to 12 degrees, and it’s as happy as a pig in the proverbial. Remember those caves in Bavaria? Well, guess what temperature they were!

Thankfully, due to the wonders of modern technology, our lovely brewing heroes (we do love ‘em) don’t have to trample all over hills and mountains peering into caves anymore, they can create wonderful lagers from the comfort and warmth of their breweries. And we are pretty pleased they can, because after much deliberating, a few arguments (let’s call them civil disagreements), and even perhaps some tears, we have been able to put together our World Lager Selection Case for you.

Our World Lager Case

‘What’s in it?!’ we hear you cry. Only the best of the best bloody lagers from across this fine globe!

But seriously, these lagers are very special. If you love lager, or even want to discover and explore further afield in the lager world, then you are going to love these belters. Our World Lager Mixed Case will take you right across the spectrum of the style, and you’re bound to find a new favourite.

With lagers from historic and iconic breweries, mixed in with offerings from newer breweries, you’ll get to taste traditional through to the modern, all in one place. Winner.  

Which is the best? Well, we all have our favourites, but only you can decide which is yours. Happy exploring.