KBS (Kentucky Bourbon Stout) from Founders is one of the most sought after beers in the world… It’s a remarkable barrel-aged stout that always gets 100 on RateBeer, and we’ve managed to get our hands on some. Cue much excitement in Beer Hawk HQ and a scramble to taste 2017’s offering. Here’s what we thought…

Founders KBS 2017: Our verdict

Patrick Gengler, Beer Hawk’s Beer Sherpa
The coffee aroma is initially pronounced with a vanilla and bourbon smell from the barrel aging process, the aroma finishes with a smooth dark chocolate smell. The flavour feels a bit thinner than last year’s with higher levels of carbonation. It isn’t as coating or thick. The flavour is full despite it being ‘thinner’. There’s certainly large amounts of vanilla in the middle. The finish is long and bitter with a lingering dark chocolate flavour that is complemented by a sweetness that reminds of vanilla/cream.

Zoe Piper, Marketing Manager
For me, KBS smells like bonfire toffee, burnt coffee and old hay. The initial taste is pretty boozy, but it quickly develops into a really bitter dark chocolate with a dry finish. It looks quite viscous in the glass but it’s surprisingly light to drink – I’d happily share a bottle with friends at the end of a meal!

Ali Dent, Executive Assistant
There’s a clear liquorice taste at first, followed by coffee and caramel flavours. It reminds me a bit of Irish coffee. The finish is very dry and a bitter dark chocolate after taste.
It is really full of bourbon flavours but without the burnt aftertaste. The liquid is thicker… it’s certainly got legs!

Andy Hill, Financial Controller (AKA: Office Dad)
What a great beer. Bitter dark chocolate, vanilla and a definite taste of the bourbon barrels it's aged in. Surprisingly easy drinking for 11.9%.


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