In the first of our (virtual) cut-out-and-keep homebrewing course, we're looking at preparation – it'll make your brewday go much more smoothly

Success, so the saying goes, is 90 per cent preparation and 10 per cent perspiration, and so it is with beer. Having your brew day planned out will not only save you time but also eliminate the chances of anything ruining your beer.

1/ Clean all items. Clean everything your beer will come into contact with for the mash (sanitise other equipment just before you need it). This includes your hot liquor tank, mash tun, kettle, pots and jugs, spoons, thermometer and tubing.

2/ Lay out all items. Having all equipment and ingredients quickly to hand will make the brew day quicker. See the list left.

3/ Weigh out ingredients. Weigh out all your malts (they can be thrown in together once weighed) and your hops for each addition in the boil or dry hop.

4/ Prepare yeast. If using a ‘smack pack’, activate the pack by breaking the inner pouch with a firm smack and incubate at room temp for a least three hours. Bring dry yeast to room temperature.


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