Hellzapoppin is dead, long live Hellzapoppin! Yep, it's unlikley that one of our favourite Yeastie Boys' beers won't be brewed for the forseeable future, so we did what any beer obsessive would do and asked Stu McKinlay for his homebrew recipe. And he gave it to us!

How to brew Yeastie Boys' Hellzapoppin

Here it is:

Recipe Specifics

Batch Size (L):         20
Total Grain (kg):       5.6kg
Anticipated OG:        1.060
Anticipated ABV:       6.5%
Anticipated IBU:        52
Wort Boil Time:         60 minutes

2.4 kg Pilsner
2.4 kg  Weyermann Rauch Malz
400g  Caramunich Type 2           
200g  Carapils           
200g  Pale wheat malt               

HOPS (pellet)
Amount     Name               
26g           Pacific Jade  at 60 mins
4g             Nelson Sauvin at 10 min
16g           Nelson Sauvin at 0 min (whirlpool)
12g           Rakau at 0 min (whirlpool)
60g           Nelson Sauvin – dry hop
28g           Rakau – dry hop

DCL Yeast S-05 SafAle American Ale @ 18c

Sepcial ingredients
Yellow Fatalii and Peach Bhuts chilli peppers. 50/50 split. 16g
"Dry hopped" for three days at 20c before chilling.

Some useful notes
* the original beer uses Gladfield Manuka Smoked Malt, which is unavailable in UK. We suggest Weyermann Rauch Malz as the best alternative.
* if NZ hops are difficult to find, we'd suggest replacing them as follows: Pacific Jade can be replaced with Magnum. Nelson Sauvin with a tropical and/or sweaty new world hop such as Galaxy or Simcoe. Rakau could be replaced with any hop that displays stonefruit and pine notes (possibly Amarillo).

Mash schedule
Mash Type: Single Step
Time:  60