In an exclusive extract from the remarkable: Craft Brew - 50 homebrew recipes from the world's best craft breweries by Euan Ferguson, we've brought you the recipe for the classic Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Deschutes History

Deschutes is a beacon of righteous Oregon brewing. Named after the local river, it’s been based in Bend since 1988, when it opened as a humble brewpub. Bend is a town surrounded by place names familiar to brewers the world over thanks to the state’s famous hops, including the Cascade Mountains and Willamette National Forest; Deschutes is now one of the biggest craft breweries in USA. Forming a solid base to a series of experimentals and seasonals (including the much-anticipated fresh-hopped IPA in winter) is a core range that includes this Black Butte Porter, a tribute to an extinct volcano in Deschutes National Forest.

For a long-established Pacific Northwestern brewery to have a porter as its flagship brew is brave, but this rich, sweet and creamy beer is every bit as drinkable as a pale ale. Bravo is a fairly new (2006) hop from local breeding fields which brings high alpha acid levels and a lightly fruity aroma; it’s augmented with the most-used craft hop variety in the US (Cascade) plus Tettnang.  A week-night porter with enough character to see you through
to Saturday.

All-Grain Recipe

20 L / 5 GAL | ABV 5.2% / OG 1.057 | FG 1.019


2-row pale malt, 2.8kg/ 6lbs 2.8oz (63%) Chocolate malt, 450g/1lb (10%) Wheat malt, 400g/14oz (9%) Crystal malt C75, 400g/14oz (9%) Carapils, 400g/14oz (9%)


Mash in at 54C/130F and hold for 10 mins. Raise temperature to 69C/157F and rest for 30 mins. Mash off at 75C/168F and hold for at least 5 mins


Bravo 14% AA, 14g/0.5oz, 60 mins Cascade 6% AA, 14g/0.5oz, 30 mins. Tettnang 5% AA, 28g/1oz, 5 mins


White Labs WLP002 English Ale or Wyeast 1187 Ringwood Ale




This recipe is an excerpt from Craft Brew by Euan Ferguson. Published by Frances Lincoln (£14.99).