After trying out our very own World Beers mixed case for a beer tasting party, Christie Day, Brand Expert at money-saving website Savoo shares her tips for hosting a top beer tasting night on a budget.

Whether you’re new to the world of IPA and pale ale or consider yourself a well-seasoned beer connoisseur, hosting a beer tasting night is a great way to discover new flavours and share your tried and tested favourites with your mates. With these thrifty tips, you’ll be on your way to an ultimately unforgettable beer party for a fraction of the price.


Include a good selection of beers


Choosing a variety of beers is crucial - play it too safe and your guests will get bored, go too adventurous and they’ll be going home with a sour taste in their mouth. Pick a selection that includes a mixture of IPAs, darker ales, wheat beers, lagers and sour beers to keep things interesting.


The mixed beer cases are a fantastic way to sample some of the world’s best beers at great value for money. Cheaper and easier than picking out beers individually, Beer Hawk’s exclusive cases cover everything from British beers to craft ciders and fruity flavours. Choose a couple of cases that tickle your fancy for an epic selection of beers from around the world at unbeatable value.


To cut costs even further, why not ask your mates to bring their favourite beer along with them instead? A bit of pre-planning will ensure you don’t double up on popular beers, and you’re guaranteed happy faces and new favourites at the end of the night.


Choose the right snacks


What party is complete without some tasty nibbles to see you through? The right pairing foods for each beer will enhance flavour, and savoury snacks like these rosemary and thyme pitta chips available at Beer Hawk are the perfect way to cleanse palettes in between beers. Other cheap savoury snacks that do the job are nuts, salted pretzels and popcorn. 


When it comes to pairing food with each beer, it’s best to avoid overpowering flavours so you can appreciate the flavour of the beer properly. Some general pairing ideas are:


IPA: spicy snacks like bombay mix or curry

Pale ales: cheese, cold meats

Lagers: chicken, cheese, hot dogs

Dark ales: smoked sausage,

Wheat beer: bananas, sorbet

Stout: salty foods like crisps, pretzels or nuts


Again, an easy way to save money on food and snacks for the night is to ask your guests to bring a pairing snack along with their favourite beer. This way, you can enjoy a wide variety of delicious snacks while keeping costs low.


Use the correct glasses

From chalice to stein, choosing the right glass for your beer matters more than you might think. Similarly to wine, the right glass highlights different flavours and characteristics of each beer. While hoppy beers work best in tulip-shaped glasses, a pint glass or stein is better for sessionable, low ABV choices that can be gulped.

Remember the score cards

While you may not necessarily be ranking your beers from best to worst, a score card is an easy way to note down smells, flavours, appearance and any other comments. Keep track of your favourite brews so you know which ones to go for next time you’re at the pub or in the supermarket. Check out this free, printable tasting card from Brewer's Friend, or simply use the notes feature on your phone.


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