When we put a shout-out for the best beer sheds on the Perfect Draft Facebook group, we didn't expect this

When we put a shout out for the best home bar on the Perfect Draft Facebook page we weren’t expecting quite the response we got. It seems our Perfect Draft customers are a passionate lot with some seriously impressive bars out there. Just look at the pictures above. The photo below is from Nick Haynes, who converted his double garage in to an ‘entertainment palace’ to quote Nick. Out of shot is a gazebo and a hot-tub.

“We call it The Rehearsal Room, so all the guys can just say ‘I’m going to rehearsal’ when they come. We have regular nights and run it like a pub.” And the beer for the summer? Munich’s classic Löwenbräu.

Richard Shenton’s ‘Shack’ (pictured above and below) is his pride and joy, and rightly so, this is a seriously impressive bar. The bit he’s most proud of? Just look at the hand made shelving around Perfect Draft Machine. “We’ve really paid attention to detail,” he says with understatement. And the current favourite beer is Hoegaarden.