Part of the crew here at Beer Hawk had the exciting opportunity to visit Munich's famed Oktoberfest. While we did eat our fair share of bratwurst while donning our lederhosen and our dirndls, take a look at some of the other Bavarian delights we washed down with a delicious Oktoberfestbier.

Oktoberfest Food: Beyond the Bratwurst

Despite many beers on the market claiming otherwise, a true Oktoberfest beer only comes from six breweries which brew within Munich's city limits. We had the fortune of enjoying an evening in the Spatenbräu tent on the famed festival grounds. While the food menu is limited to fare that goes well with the golden-hued festbier, suffice it to say we found plenty to keep us dancing until the last song.

Does it surprise you that we had many a delicious brez'n? The carbs helped with the foot-stomping.


Hearty fare like this red cabbage and duck really hit the spot. Nevermind the using a knife and fork while sitting on a beer-soaked bench.


Sick of meat? Go grab a salmon roll outside the tent. Look--there's even some lettuce peeking out at you!


Can't get enough meat? Then order this German feast. It does require the whole litre of beer, however.


Our fearless leaders working off dinner. Actually, Chris on the right said beer was food. He was expressing his regrets in the morning. 


Need a snack? An obtazder is the way to go. This is a classic Bavarian cheesespread on a roll topped with onions or scallions. The obtazda (the cheesespread itself) is made with soft cheese, butter, a bit of beer and paprika--it keeps the party going. 


Pancaaaake! Yes, even this tastes great with the beer. You only live once. 


Breakfast. A must for the morning after. Two eggs, scrambled, with ham. Enjoyed with (more) beer.

Did you make it to Oktoberfest and have some great food with your beer? Let us know! If you want to recreate your own at home, you can do so with either our traditional Oktoberfest 2017 mixed case or our Crafty Oktoberfest 2017 mixed case. Either way--Prost!