Badass Global Food Truck Matches: Tacos al Pastor with Stewart Black IPA

We're officially sad: summer is gone. And it took with it all of the great festivals, and sunshine and delicious summer food. We're not going down without a fight though, so as a last gasp, here's another badass food truck match by our own, Maggie Cubbler: Tacos al Pastor with Stewart Black IPA

Tacos al Pastor

Food Truck Name: Nacho Taco

Main Ingredient: Pork and pineapple

In other words: Spit-cooked pork topped with pineapple

Influenced by Lebanese immigrants to Mexico, al pastor is a way of cooking pork on a rotisserie similar to a doner kebab. Sitting in a bus stop at 2am, however, is no way to enjoy pork shoulder marinated in chilies, achiote and pineapple, thinly sliced and then stuffed into a taco with all the fixings.

Pair it with

Stewart Black IPA

Stewart Black IPA’s roasted, chocolatey character creates an interesting contrast with the spit-fired pork’s saltiness while citrus hop notes complement the pineapple that has drizzled down its side for hours. A resiny bitterness carries along the chili-pepper heat while also neutralising the palate.