Three unmissable beers that showcase the best of US wild beers 

American wild beers... it's a thing. If it isn't one of the fastest growing beer sectors, it's certainly the most exciting. Brewers have long played with malt and hops, but now it's time to focus on the amazing possibilities of yeast. These three remarkable beers from Crooked Stave, Wicked Weed and Prairie Artisan Ales highlight the best of these beers.


St Bretta Citrus Crooked Stave / 5.5%

Tart, effervescent, this is your new best beer. The Colorado wild beer specialists have turned out another thrilling brew that is acidic, dry, almost salty. Super refreshing. 


Funky Gold Simcoe Prairie Artisan Ales / 7.5%

A model of American sour ales, this dry-hopped beauty is bursting with flavour: tart citrus, tropical fruits and funk. Juicy and zesty, this beer is pure refinement.


La Bonte Fig Wicked Weed / 6.5%

This tart farmhouse ale, with fig,  La Bonte is open fermented with the in house Brettanomyces culture that gives is an earthy character and blended with fresh beer.