Delve into the dark side

If it is a dark, winter ale that you’re pining for...

Ohh those dark beers: Deep, bold, luxurious and opulent. We can see why you like them! Naturally ‘dark’ doesn’t explain how something tastes, but if you’re reaching for something dark, it’s probably because you love something a bit fuller-bodied, rich in flavour and possibly not too bitter. It’s a wildly diverse category of course, from 3.5% milds to 11% imperial stouts. It includes Bocks from Germany and tripels from Belgium, milk stouts from American and, of course, the porter from Britain and much else besides. We’ve picked out a few of our favourite dark beers of the moment to showcase the variety on offer. There’s even a marshmallow beer!

Big Drop / Stout / 0.05%

Big Drop Brewing Co is a brewery that is dedicated to producing exceptional beers that are less than 0.5% ABV beer. There’s a definite market for it (low alcohol beers are some of our best selling ones at Beer Hawk), and they are getting better all the time. This stout, however, marks a new stage in complex, interesting and characterful low alcohol beers. The difference from many other low alcohol beers? It has soul.

Wiper and True / Milkshake / 4.8%

The Bristol-based brewery Wiper and True prides themselves on making beer that is just outside of the ordinary.

Left Hand Brewing / Milk Stout / 6%

Beautiful and smooth and creamy, this full-bodied milk stout bears flavours of milk chocolate, and lactose sweetness.

Harviestoun / Old Engine Oil / 6%

Outrageously smooth, this strong dark beer with its chocolaty flavour leaves a bittersweet aftertaste to savour.

Tiny Rebel / Stay Puft / 5.5%

A marshmallow porter you say? Well, remarkably, this one tastes exactly like it. It is sweet but not cloying, with a roasty note.

Erdinger / Pikantus / 7.3%

Making a strong beer smooth and drinkable takes a high level of craftsmanship, and this Weizenbock is flawless.

St Bernardus / Prior 8 / 8%

The St. Bernardus Prior 8 is a traditional abbey dubbel. Achieving near-perfect ratings and worldwide praise, it is one the best.