1. An Interview with Salt Beer Factory

    This week we launch the range of Salt Beer Factory beers on the site and what better way to introduce a new brewery to our beer hunters than to have a good 'ole fashioned interview with Nadir Zairi, Director of the Yorkshire based brewery in Saltaire.
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  2. Q&A: Moor Beer Co

    Moor Beer Co are true pioneers. In the ten years since launching, the Bristol-based brewery have made a huge range of beers, and now can-condition their beers. We caught up with founder Justin Hawke to find out the story behind the beers

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  3. Interview: The Sirens are Calling

    The founder and head brewer of Siren Craft Brew curated our introductory Beer Club case. We speak to founder Darron Anley and head brewer Kyle Larsen about what makes Siren so innovative

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  4. Q&A: Stone Berlin

    Inside Stone Berlin

    When Stone opened a brewery in Berlin, it meant that European beer drinkers could now get the beer even fresher. We spoke to Thomas Tyrell, Director of Brewing Operations Stone Brewing Berlin

    What do you think sets Stone Brewing apart from other breweries? What was the ethos that Stone first set out with?
    Our goal at Stone has always been to brew outstanding, bold and – for the most part – very hoppy beers. We brew what we love and hope that others will love it too. Although we never compromise, we do like to brew a variety of styles so new craft beer fans can discover new tastes. Another aspect of Stone culture that I appreciate is our commitment to the close-knit craft beer community. We often work together and collaborate with friends from other breweries, and since starting at Stone in 2015 I’ve had the chance to meet over seven teams from some of my favorite

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  5. Q&A: Buxton Brewery

    Peak District-based Buxton Brewery produce some of the country’s most respected and sought after beer. Here we talk to the founder Geoff Quinn about the secret of his success, collaboration, and the future.

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  6. Q&A: Brew by Numbers

    We’re featuring Brew By Numbers this month. We visited the brewery in Bermondsey to catch up with founders Dave Seymour and Tom Hutchings.

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  7. [Interview] The toast of great brewing

    The toast of great brewing

    Toast Ale is a beer brewed with surplus bread that would otherwise be?wasted. All profits go to the food waste charity, Feedback. We spoke to Toast Ale’s Julie Prebble to find out more about this project?

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  8. Q&A: Thornbridge's Rob Lovatt

    Q&A: Thornbridge's Rob Lovatt

    Few beer lovers would deny that Thornbridge is one of the country’s best breweries. Here we speak to Head Brewer Rob Lovatt

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  9. Interview: Flowers of Scotland

    Williams Bros is one of the most exciting breweries in Britain. Here we speak to co-founder Scott Williams (pictured right) about how the beer scene has changed since 1988, using traditional ingredients, and all about the beer he's most proud of

    Williams Bros started in 1988 - was there a feeling that the beer scene in the UK was changing even then?
    To be honest the opportunity in the beer scene never really occurred to us in a general sense. Prior to brewing heather ale our involvement in brewing was essentially at the homebrew level – through a couple of shops of our own in Glasgow and Aberdeen as well as supplying other homebrew retailers from our wholesale business covering the UK and Ireland.

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  10. Q&A: Magic Rock

    Magic Rock is, few doubt, one of the best breweries in the country. This Huddersfield-based brewery turn out an astonishing range of core beers, as well as an exciting series of specials and one-offs. We're just also seeing the fruits of the barrel-aging programme come to the fore. Here, we speak to co-founder Richard Burhouse.

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  11. Q&A: Evil Twin

    New York-based Danish gypsy brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergso talks food matching, unmissable US breweries and what's next.
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  12. Roger Protz - An interview with a genuine Beer Hero

    Roger Protz is one of the globe’s most revered beer writers. Beer Hawk chats to the editor of CAMRA Good Beer Guide about the astonishing rate of change in the beer world.
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