It's easy--and delicious--to reach for your favourite beer each time you head out for a quick one. But most of the fun about this vast beery world is discovering new things to try. Join us at Beer Hawk and let's go discover beer together!

Ohh those dark beers: Deep, bold, luxurious and rich. We can see why you like them! Obviously "dark" doesn't explain how something tastes but if you're reaching for something dark it's probably because you love something a bit fuller-bodied, rich in flavour and possibly not too bitter. Here are some of our favourites that are just that:

De Molen Rasputin

One of the most highly-rated Imperial Stouts out there, this intensely lush dark beer from De Molen Brewery in the Netherlands is certainly one of our favourites. It is complex and bold with smoky malts and a light hoppiness. Notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee clamour all over your tongue alongside roasted malts and a boozy hint of whisky. Let's get it on.

Left Hand Milk Stout

Our whole staff loves this delightful milk stout from Colorado's Left Hand Brewing. Having won several gold medals (including Gold at the Great American Beer Festival for Sweet or Cream Stouts) this full-bodied milk stout is smooth and dreamy. Roasted malts, milk chocolate and a heavenly lactose-sweetness make for a wonderfully pleasant drink.

Harviestoun Old Engine Oil

One of the best--and most award-winning--English Porters in the UK, Harviestoun's Old Engine Oil is a beauty. Its thick, black gloopiness lives up to its name but its smooth mouthfeel and notes of bittersweet chocolate will have you savouring this much more than what's under the bonnet. Dark beer lovers, lovers of the porter and just lovers of beer in general, should put this beer on their list of must-haves.

Nogne Ø Porter

The Nøgne Ø Porter is one of the highest-rated porters in existence. This Norwegian brewery uses a fantastic blend of malts, English ale yeast and American hops to create a porter with swirling notes of chocolate, tart dark fruits and a hint of smoke. A creamy mouthfeel and a full body give dark-beer-lovers everything they ever dreamt of. In a beer. 

Other Styles You'll Love


The weizenbock is a German wheat ale that has been brewed a bit strong or "of bock strength." Its deep brown colour and rich flavours of sultanas and molasses are a lovely complement to the classic banana character found in German wheat beers. Its somewhat crisp finish will appeal to those who love a lighter porter and are looking to try something new. 

Must try: Erdinger Pikantus


Dark burgundy and full of complexity, the barleywine is a luxurious style for bold-beer-lovers to enjoy. Expect notes of toffee, dark fruits, plums and boozy dates in this style. The American barleywine tends to feature more hops--they bring in a bit of a brighter character and balancing bitterness--while the English version just lets the beautifully complex malts shine. A full mouthfeel and a long, malty finish are perfect for those who love to grab a beer and sit in front of the fire.

Must try: Anchor Old Foghorn

Belgian Quadrupel/Strong Dark

While the Belgian Quadrupel--or Strong Dark--is, indeed, strong, bold and rich, its Belgian character comes through with its dry, spicy finish. A wealth of flavours--citrus, spice, caramel and intense malts--are nicely balanced. This style is flavourful and bold while still finding a way to be an easy sip.

Must try: St. Bernardus Abt 12

Oud Bruin

A cousin to the Flander's Red, the Oud Bruin has a sour character that's a bit of a surprise. Yet well-aged versions display deeper malts and a more subtle sourness. A bit fruity--with notes of figs, dates or black cherries--this style would appeal to those who love complex beers. The Oud Bruin is sweet and, at times, has a bit of a sherry-like quality so it would be great for those who don't care for hops.

Must try: Liefmans Goudenband