If you don’t fancy waiting 5-10 days for your Beer Tokens after returning your empties, you can now get them within 24 hours of handing them over to the courier! It’s dead simple, here’s how:

Express Credit enables you to be credited Beer Tokens within 24 hours of your empty kegs being collected by a courier or dropped off in-store. What this means is you won’t be waiting around for your tokens to make your next order, you will have them quickly so your fridge can stay stocked up!

Right, lets take a look at how to set-up Express Credit on your account:

1. Log in & head to the Returns Hub

Log in to your account

Log into your account as you normally would and pop over to the Keg Returns Hub.


2. Click “Get Express Credit”

Get Express Credit

Once you are in the Keg Return Hub you will see the above blue banner telling you “Express Credit is available”. All you need to do here is click “Get Express Credit”.


3. Enter your phone number and verify

Phone Number Verification

Pop your mobile number into the phone number section and click send code. You will then receive a text message to verify your number, it will come through almost immediately. Once you’ve received your code, it’s as simple as popping it over into the “Validation Code” box on site. Click “Validate my account” and a success message will pop up on screen.

That's it, you're done!

Book your returns as normal, whether you prefer to drop them in store or have them collected from your house, these will now be sorted out for you and credited within 24 hours.

There are a few things to keep in mind about Express Credit returns:

  • A maximum of 12 kegs in an Express Credit return
  • One Express Credit return every 10 days. If you create a new return within those 10 days this will 

It’s that simple, 3 easy steps to making sure you get your Beer Tokens back in a day. This is something we trailed earlier in the year and rolled out to everyone a few months ago. If you haven’t already, get Express Credit set up on your account. Might as well make it even easier for you to stock your fridge up whilst your kegs are being cleaned and filled with more incredible beer!

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